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Automatic Reboot/Reconnect During Remote Control Sessions

Parallax Abstraction

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Remote Control really needs the ability to both trigger a reboot and to automatically reconnect when the system you're connected to completes the restart. Having it immediately disconnect when a reboot is triggered (usually if it's running as a service, it should be able to hold the session open for things like the first phase of installing Windows updates) and having to manually try over and over again to see if the machine has completed its reboot is really frustrating when you're trying to solve an issue remotely that requires a lot of reboots or even when you're just trying to do a number of updates to a system.

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I too believe this is a great idea and should have been included from the start. I use the remote desktop extensively and I find myself having to either watch the online/offline status or simply retry over and over manually until it reconnects. This is a lot of trouble and wastes a lot of time when the computer can do it with almost no effort at all. Don't forget to add the ability to cancel if you don't want to reconnect.

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one other thing with this add the ability to remain connected after logging out a user or during fast user switching. It's VERY annoying to have to log out a user to log in as an admin only to be disconnected and have to reconnect two or three times.

We also need the ability to reboot in safe mode with networking and reconnect to a machine.

we had both these capabilities in our old RMM (Solarwinds) so it's very technically possible.

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