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MegaRaid StorCli

Aaron Trujillo

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I have MegaRaid controller cards in several of my servers.  On my Windows servers I can use an app called MegaRaid Manager that logs errors and other info to the application event log that Pulseway monitors for me wonderfully.  However, on my Linux servers the app different, it is called StorCLI.  I can get plenty of information from this and even have a log generated but I don't know how to get Pulseway configured to monitor it.  

Any help would be appreciated,



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Hi Aaron,

You could write an automation script that can run the StorCLI app, parse the output using grep (and read the exit code) and if the RAID is inconsistent then return an exit code different from 0 which will cause the script to be marked as failed. Then you can have the task notify you when the script fails. Trick is you'd have the run the script manually every now and then until we add the scheduling capabilities for automation and reporting.

Alternatively, have the script installed locally on the machine, add it to crontab to run based on a schedule (every day?) and then call the Pulseway REST API to add a notification for the system (docs). You can find the system identifier of a Linux agent in the following file: /var/pulseway/pulseway.id .


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