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  1. So in the script i have Output as FileShares as a text output In Automation > Custom Fields I have another one called FileShares as a custom Text field as well. My script is pretty basic, so I don't see why its not saving the field. # Outputs $FileShares = "0" # Get all shared folders on the local computer $shares = Get-WmiObject -Class Win32_Share | Select-Object Name, Path # Output the list of shares if ($shares) { Write-Host "Current File Shares on $env:COMPUTERNAME:`n" $shares | Format-Table -AutoSize } else { Write-Host "No file shares found on $env:COMPUTERNAME." } Start-Process -FilePath "$env:PWY_HOME\CLI.exe" -ArgumentList ("setVariable FileShares ""$shares""") -Wait So all I'm doing is getting a list of shared folders on a computer, saving it as $shares, and then writing that as a formatted table. At the end, i'm running the CLI, to set the variable of FileShares to the results of $shares The script runs, and i can see results, however I cannot see the results in the computers custom field.
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