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  1. That´s true, but not actually what i meant. My Suggestion was as long there is a probe active on the System it would be nice to send the probe an order to wake up a specific device by wol and not by wow, cause all i found online was just About Need to configure Firewall and specify for each device a port and route it. After some testing now. This feature already exists, i can tell the System wol on devices and they wake up without no port configuration on it, as Long the probe is enabled it works (don´t know if i Need the probe or just a active System in that specific Network). Sorry for wrong capital letters that´s my autocorrect here and it´s used to german ;)
  2. Hi, i´m testing this RMM atm. Is it possible to implement WOL on a Probe? For example choosing the probe then the Machines Show up which are on the same Network or same Customer and Option to do WOL. If you´ve many Machines to Manage You would Need to Edit Firewall Rules for each Machine and Edit the Settings of each machine.Would be way to much work.
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