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  1. Hi @StefanMcl_Pulseway. I can't seem to find any updates on this topic. Today's patching process was slightly different because there was a new reboot prompt. Unfortunately, the 'Snooze' option was missing.
  2. Hey there, How about End-user Reboot Prompts? We've been experimenting with them on freshly installed systems, but unfortunately, we're not seeing any significant changes from our previous setups. Interestingly, the option to 'Automatically download updates and let a user choose when to install' within the policy settings window was present even back in Pulseway 9.4. However, it seems that it wasn't operational then, and it remains elusive in version 9.5. I'm starting to wonder whether it's a matter of functionality or simply a configuration issue on my end.
  3. Hi, I'm experiencing the same issue. Microsoft products haven't been updating for several days.
  4. Is there a maintenance going on for Europe? I am unable to log in as I am encountering a 503 error.
  5. Hi All, here in Europe we are still facing the issue. Any predictions when should it start to work?
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