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  1. Hi, please make this and proper Phone HMTML Call Link For example: Clickable phone number <p><a href="tel:+4733378901">+47 333 78 901</a></p> It will allow to start phone app by one click and speed up call back process. By for example running Windows Phone App. Besides it is only one line of code to implement :) Documentation at https://www.w3docs.com/snippets/html/how-to-add-telephone-links-with-html.html
  2. Simple ask. I've had this with other PSA in the past. Despite coaxing, customers still email the techs for service. That aint going to change. So techs forward the customers email to the ticket parser. This isn't new information to anyone, we all probably do it several times a week if not day. When a tech, a named user of the PSA system, forwards an email to the ticket parser it opens a ticket in the techs name. Why, why? So much needless work. Use logic and match the sender as a tech and use the next address.
  3. Hey Guys, So we need to automate patching and reporting for Mac OS. From the best of my knowledge I can't find this feature anywhere within pulseway (crazy I know), and I can't find any scripts within the forum. Can anyone help me out on this one? I'll update if I find anything myself. -Sam
  4. It might help to have less workflow rules if we were able to use logical operators like the syntax %AND %Or Like alert mails read using the parser coming directly from machines using a no-reply sender address, a rule could be: Title [like] | "[hostname]" %AND "text" %OR "text" %OR "text" Update | Account:<Accountname>; Priority:<Low>, Queue: <Alerts>, etc, etc Bringing this to one workflow rule instead of three (in this example)
  5. Presently every account we add to CRM, is also creating this account in RMM. So, vendors, distri's, partners we do not want in RMM, wil be created in RMM. One can en-or disable this global, but that is also not wanted as some accounts we do want them in RMM: our customers It would be perfect to have an option in accounts to select on a per-account base to have it created in RMM yes or no
  6. This would make it so much easier to tell if it is the users laptop or desktop.
  7. When cross referencing our asset lists, having the ability to quickly search our systems by Serial Number would be a major quality of life upgrade. As it stands, there is nothing in the search feature which allows us to look for a value that does not change as the device moves around from user to user. If someone obtains a device from an old user and the name is not updated or maybe we have an older field device with an obscure name schema from an ex-admin. If I don't know to search for that or the search feature doesn't think what I'm searching is close enough to the name, then I have to pull up the group that it *may* be in and search down each Asset Info tab trying to match that exact serial number manually. With a serial number, it's unique to that specific device and having the ability to cross reference purchase orders, receipts, asset lists, etc. to find lost or misnamed devices would be a HUGE help.
  8. Hi, I'm currently running through a lot of notification. Running through 30 different notification, I notice that I should focus on probably 6 of those and delete the others. Currently I can only delete 1 notification at a time. Do you think it will be awesome for us to have the ability to sort, multiple select and delete *some* notifications?
  9. Hi, I'd like to submit a feature request to be able to disable items which are not being used such as NOC, Setup, Slack Integrations, Backup Plugin for example. maybe under server admin -> settings -> option under here for example? Cheers, Quenten
  10. I just signed up for Pulseway to monitor a small client of my side business. I am in the process of setting up patch management for workstations. I would like the systems to prompt the end users to reboot upon installing updates but Pulseway seems to be very restrictive in how it lets you set that up. It looks like all I can do is have it reboot immediately or give the users a 5 minute warning with a generic message. I work with a competitor product at my day job and it allows us to specify whatever message we want, set whatever timer amount we want and allow the users to defer the updates as many times as we want or force a reboot after a certain number of deferments. It does not appear Pulseway provides any of this customizability. It would be very nice to have these options so I can have choices other than forcing end users to reboot during the day or having systems that potentially go days without a reboot after installation. Thanks!
  11. Currently when clicking on the Pulseway system tray icon, only two things appear - 1) Request Support and 2) About Pulseway. With most icons, when clicking on them their application opens up. Please could this be added for Pulseway on the desktop.
  12. Hi Team, Can we have an event log for when Maint mode is triggered or removed? Not a bad thing to have when tracking a problem but also we can then use things like automations based on events. It would be good if it said which user triggered it but even just a simple maint mode on / off with a standard event ID would be amazing. Use Case: Medium to large organisations have lots of people managing servers even third parties. By seeing who / when a device was put into maint mode it would help track changes. Another key use is that if i can trigger an automation based on Pulseway maint mode i can have it do various things such as send an email to a specific address to silence alerts in third party systems based on this one maint mode.
  13. Is there a way to make Pulseway agent update automatically on mac instead of asking the user to Install and Relaunch?
  14. Pulseway has had Slack Integration for a long time now but those of us who use Microsoft Teams get no love or have to run Slack just for alerts. Please look at adding Teams Channel Integration also.
  15. Hi, Is there a way where the tickets can be auto-resolved after follow-ups have been made or let's say within 7 days of ticket opening? Also if it can be re-opened later without affecting SLAs upon client's request? Any help or advise would be appreciated.
  16. We're looking to leverage the custom fields to add links for external documentation specific to the account or project to records in Pulseway PSA. The only data type that seem suited is "Free text" but then you need to copy paste the link to view it. Can we get an option for URL that creates a hyperlink or button?
  17. The 2 date code formats are insufficient. In Canada we use YYYY-mm-dd as the only official date code and that is not an option. Currently using European as it is close but backwards. Can we get the ability to code it ourselves how we want or more options?
  18. I'd like to request that when we hover the cursor over the title of a ticket in the queue/view that it enables us to see the latest activity of that ticket, whether is is an internal note from a technician, or a reply from a customer etc
  19. I'd like to request that when in a queue or a view, we are able to change status / assign tickets from the queue / views dashboard by left clicking the relevant section, and being able to change it from here, for instance left clicking the status, and it bring a drop down of all ticket statuses so I can then change it, or left clicking assignee, and being able to add an assignee straight from there. In the morning we typically have a number of tickets in the helpdesk, so being able to quickly view the ticket title normally enables me to then be able to close / assign tickets there and then, without having to go into each individual ticket If you require more info, please don't hesitate to let me know
  20. Create Tasks unrelated to a project and allow them to be picked up/assigned direct through tasks in all tasks view.
  21. We have need to be able to create a time entry related to administrative or etc items that do not have an associated task or project and do not wnat to have to create and or leave a task/project open indefinitely for administrative or etc processes, but would like to be able to track that time.
  22. We would like to see the last few tickets for a client when entering a new ticket. When a client calls, we ask if they have a ticket, we start a new ticket and help the client. We find that we end up with multiple duplicate tickets for the same issue. (ie. Client sends in a ticket via email, then calls the service desk as they are in a rush.) In other ticket systems we have used, when entering a ticket, we get a popup showing the last X (normally 5) tickets for that company and user. Ie. We enter the company name, the popup (side bar) shows the last 5 tickets for this company. Ie. Then when we choose the user we are working with, the popup (side bar) filters the company showing only the tickets for this specific user.
  23. We are looking to use PSA but we need a better way of making tickets that as easy to use for our techs on the road. Features such as Location based customer selection for Ad-Hoc tickets Adding signatures to a ticket directly from the app. Allowing the tech to fill in Start and end time for tickets nut just start time and duration. Adding pictures directly from the app. Or a way to do this from different apps probably by using PSA API to send the data to Pulseway. With enough information we're willing to code the app ourselves if this is possible.
  24. Instead of performing necromancy on this older thread, I will raise this question again. Why can we not see asset info for offline systems? I know this is available through reports, but that's a ton of steps to go through when it's already readily available offline (since the Reports can search it) and it should just be visible. This has been a big gotcha (along with not seeing internal IPs without running a report or being able to copy/paste in remote sessions) as we moved from another tool to Pulseway. I've seen more than one thread about this, and each time the response is 'run a report'. Please stop brushing it off as 'RTFM' and provide the functionality we're asking for. Thank you.
  25. Need to search ticket to find work done that is posted in tech notes. We are having issues finding work performed for clients in the PSA search. The issue is that the ticket “Title” and “Details” do not always include the data you are searching for. (ie. When working with a supplier, we get info from them (ticket numbers or data) that we put in a ticket and can not search for.) It would be nice to also search the “Time Logs” – Notes and Internal Notes fields for key words to find data.
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