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  1. My company has been testing out PSA/RMM systems for about a year now. Hands down Pulseway has been the BEST, however it's looking likely we are NOT going to be using PW because you don't have 2 simple features MOST others have. LDAP Integration is CRITICAL for our end users & security. We want to seriously "DUMB IT DOWN" for them. Emails DO NOT ACCOMPLISH THIS. On a constant basis no matter how much training they (end Users) get, they more often than not send emails like "It doesn't work." or "I got an error." Asking for further details beyond that kinda makes me wish I had become a dentist cause pulling teeth would probably be easier. For the same reason as stated above a web based ticket portal where we can control the "REQUIRED" fields would be amazing. This would give us the information we need to triage the incident and respond appropriately. We are looking for a system that makes us pro-active not re-active. Furthermore with the above LDAP integration some fields can be automatically populated like workstation and User (cause yes some people don't know how to spell their own name at times). With this Web Portal Ticket System we can make an easy button or desktop icon they can get right to without having to hunt for it. In summery: LDAP Integration and Web Based Ticket Portal. This could have made us customers for a very long time.
  2. Hi there, Is there a way to change access/notification settings for multiple associated accounts at once (like a bulk select)? I know I can bulk select machines, but this is still done at an individual account level. When we have multiple users (set up for auditing purposes), whenever we add a new system we have to go through each account and grant them access to it. Thanks again guys for all your work!
  3. Hi Guys, We've noticed that some of the ticket titles from the RMM system to PSA are way too long, please check the attachment. Other events like backup failures/successes are fine but CPU and Memory usage tickets are massive. Would you be able to look into a way to create less obtrusive ticket titles from RMM? We've also noticed that the RMM priority doesn't necessarily map to a PSA priority. Is there a way to do this or is this something to come out in the future? Many thanks, Martin
  4. We have noticed that the notifications from machine through the RMM are just creating new tickets on each occasion when this is a duplicate notification, is this intended? Without the ability to merge tickets we have to manage these manually, on which note can we have a merge option please? Thanks Craig
  5. I think that a user satisfaction survey would be ideal for Pulseway, configurable with the questions of your choice and allows HR or Operations Managers to view metrics and reports on engineers to find weaknesses, offer praise and provide training where needs be.
  6. Can we have an option to set an owner for each computer groups? This might help with running reports if you can have an option to create reports that run for all groups. My thoughts: when creating a report, under "Current Scope" you can have a checkbox to run per group. Then maybe under "Send the report via email when generated" you have option to "Send reports to group owners". This would be a helpful feature if you have multiple clients you need to send reports to every month or so.
  7. I think having a report you can show a client on job history would help to show you're actually doing something, especially if they never have any problems. Can we have a new report option that show all the tasks run either manually or by schedule and possibly the outcome success/failed...
  8. I have been evaluating the product and I really like it however it does not integrate with my accounting software Xero. This would be a nice feature for a lot of people.
  9. Network Discovery and Automatic Deployment Is it possible to find a network appartment with the discovery tool? What's more in the planning for this feature? Is it possible to customize the IP address? Probe
  10. Hi there, do you consider to improve the powershell feature? The Problem here is, that you can only start commands, which don't need any answer. If an answer is required, the command is not beeing executed - regardless you will give the answer within the next command. It is no real "bi-directional' powershell session like "enter-pssession -computername xxx', which is needed for our daily work. So we have to use vpn instead or rdp - both are not the fastest way to execute commands. In kaseya vsa we have this feature working as needed. I think the Pulseway Agent could handle it - when I have a look to remote desktop feature, which is nearly real time.
  11. 9 out of 10 times what we do now.. it the username.. what we do not know is the computername.
  12. We use GFI MailEssentials for our anti-spam system, and we're having problems with the internal queues growing to a point where the system stops working. Does anyone know of a way to monitor the size of specific queues within Windows Message Queueing and of course notify at a given level. Please, no replies about our choice of anti-spam system...!
  13. As I'm creating tasks, it's woefully lacking any reference as to whether a schedule exists or not. I would like to see a reference to the fact that the task is scheduled, and even better would be next scheduled time it is to execute.
  14. I rebooted EVERYONE in my dashboard yesterday to the great surprise of everyone in my dashboard who was not at lunch. I created some scripts which I though did not contain a shutdown command but there was one in one of the scripts. When creating a task, I can add a script, but I cannot see what is in the script without backing out and editing the script again. I can think of two things: 1. I would like to be able to peek inside a script before adding it to a task. 2. I would like to color code scripts. If I choose red for scripts with a shutdown command, then I can easily see danger including said script.
  15. It would be helpful to be able to enable maintenance mode in a script and disable it in another script. See if this makes sense. Script 1 = turns on maintenance mode Script 2 = reboots computer Script 3 = turns off maintenance mode Would this work, and how would one do this? This would be a lot simpler than setting a time for maintenance mode in the agent and be more useful since maintenance mode wouldn't depend on a time, but on a script no matter when it runs.
  16. I want to use two-factor authentication. I will not, until such time the timeout feature is controlled by me. I'm not sure how much time elapses between open the page and the timeout, but I can tell you it is too short. I want control of it, to the point of turning it off completely.
  17. As my tasks grow, I have no idea which ones are scheduled to run without editing each one. Imagine if there were 100 of them.
  18. You have Microsoft Azure support.. where is the Office 365 support then?
  19. I've got Pulseway installed on a number of servers and it notify's nicely if a backup is successful or fails, but I've a couple of instances when a backup hasn't even tried to run so has neither failed or succeeded. I've noticed a number of posts requesting a feature for Pulseway to generate an alert when no backup activity has been detected in X number of days. Has this been looked at? Is this possible? Can this be developed please? Thank you
  20. Would love the ability to view details of a computer that is currently offline, for example, last LAN IP address, last event logs, applications, computer Make & Model, serial number, etc. This would help in troubleshooting any PC problems for PCs are are offline.
  21. hi can we have plugins install upon specific systems when rolling out the software rather than having to manually install them / update them?
  22. OK now we can create a Policy for all the systems in a Group. We use the groups now as Company Containers. When we create a policy for example to monitor the memory and notify when there is only x % left.. I would like to differentiate between that.. a SQL server for example and an Exchange server are know to consume all memory. So those i would set on 5%.. while other servers i would set on 10-15% When i now set the a policy on the group.. the 5% is for every server. I would like to see a design more like in Active Directory Policies.. so that you set a global Policy.. which is for all the devices.. and you can set a local setting (of the OU the object itself is in).. different from the default policy (settings) (in AD the setting of the Policy in the lowest OU which the object in is overrules higher policies..).. this way you can have the ease of setting multi systems @ once.. and the Ability to change just the few systems that need different settings.. You could Say just create a different group.. COMPANY-Exchange and set different policy to that.. but that is not that nice.. also not on the Monitoring Dashboard.. I want all the servers of a Company Grouped togheter.. Please Add..
  23. Most of the times i want to monitor more then less. So it would like more logical to create a toggle on every tab.. in the manager and Policies to select All of Deselect All. Most of the times i would the select all and just deselect a few.. Please Add.. because my fingers are hurting from all the clicking..
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