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  1. Requesting support for libvirt integration on linux for checking status of libvirt managed vms, with ability to start, stop, restart etc. Libvirt supports most of the popular linux hypervisors including the very popular xen and kvm/qemu https://libvirt.org/drivers.html
  2. Not using psa, but basic management of linux boxes is fine so far.
  3. If you need to install on SLES15 or openSUSE LEAP 15 and are fighting with ssl1.0 and systemV script limitations from pulseway 5.4, I wrote a how-to over at Novell's Coolsolutions https://bit.ly/2PP1OuI
  4. That's fine, but I'm asking for pulseway to add to existing provided script to workaround the change in latest MicroFocus OES
  5. With OES2018 based on SLES12sp2, the /etc/issue file pulseway uses to check Linux OS release now states "MicroFocus Open Enterprise Server " instead of "SUSE Linux Enterprise Server" like previous OES releases. Please add the below to your linux built in scripts for detecting MicroFocus/Suse based os detect_os "MicroFocus" && echo "Found MicroFocus" && zypper_update && return
  6. I noticed there is an updated 5.3 linux agent today. Is there a changelog for this?
  7. With MS Sql 2017 bringing official Linux server support for SUSE, Ubuntu, Redhat and others we really need the sql server module ported to Linux
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