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  1. Hi there, Is there a way to change access/notification settings for multiple associated accounts at once (like a bulk select)? I know I can bulk select machines, but this is still done at an individual account level. When we have multiple users (set up for auditing purposes), whenever we add a new system we have to go through each account and grant them access to it. Thanks again guys for all your work!
  2. Hi there, Is there any plan (or existing functionality) to be able to filter what notifications get sent as emails? We use Freshdesk and would like a ticket or email sent to it when a critical alert comes through. Thanks
  3. Hi Paul, I see this has come down, love the new feature. Could I ask if there are more report templates coming? We used the audit report a lot as it's a nice summary for sending to customers. Thanks Michael
  4. How do I do this in the new HTML web app, I can't seem to find where to select the group..? Thanks Michael
  5. Hi guys, If you install the HP Insight Agents, Windows event log entries are created for each service (HP Storage Service, Server Service, Network Service etc.). We monitor the event logs for any errors generated by these services using the event log module in Pulseway, which tells us about any failures (POST, hardware failure etc.) Michael
  6. Michael

    Azure Monitoring

    Hi guys, I've configured the Monitor and Manage Windows Azure, and successfully added my subscription. However I don't see any additional options in either the mobile app or web portal - am I missing something? Thanks
  7. Hi there, For what time period do these reports cover? The last month, since the system has been running? Would there be options to choose a time period and give the average over that time? Thanks Michael
  8. We have a number of devices being monitor which means we have multiple pages on our dashboard. Is there a way to change the number of seconds for the rotation of the pages? Thanks Michael
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