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  1. mink365

    Remote Desktop - on iOS

    Hi Guys, Any updates on this yet? Thanks
  2. I think having a report you can show a client on job history would help to show you're actually doing something, especially if they never have any problems. Can we have a new report option that show all the tasks run either manually or by schedule and possibly the outcome success/failed...
  3. Can we have an option to set an owner for each computer groups? This might help with running reports if you can have an option to create reports that run for all groups. My thoughts: when creating a report, under "Current Scope" you can have a checkbox to run per group. Then maybe under "Send the report via email when generated" you have option to "Send reports to group owners". This would be a helpful feature if you have multiple clients you need to send reports to every month or so.
  4. mink365

    Mobile Device Management

    It would be nice to see some basic mobile device management features for iOS and Android in pulseway Options: Ring device in max volume, Locate Device on map, Factory wipe device when it's next online, Lock Device, Unlock Device, Require screen lock, Remove screen-lock, and possibly capture from camera on invalid unlock code... Thanks!