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    Jamie Taylor reacted to Fred_BD in A How to Guide on Managing Bitlocker Encryption with Pulseway   
    Thanks Jamie, that makes sense then. We'll try this one out once we're prepared for the trial.
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    Jamie Taylor reacted to WYE in I want to assist clients in other cities & have them install the agent, but I don’t want to hand them my PulseWay login info   
    Create Agent Groups accordingly within Server Admin > Configuration. 
    Then select "Downloads" for the relevant group, and download the Windows Agent. that MSI will be preconfigured for the Agent Group. 
    Once you have the MSI, you can apply arguments to it outlining your dedicated server. 
    Then install via this in a batch \ powershell script including the server instance so you don't need to provide any details to your clients.
    msiexec /i pulsewayagent.msi /qn /norestart Then you can create a scope that points specifically at that Agent Group. 
    Group Management in Pulseway
    Pulseway Deployment Methods
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    Jamie Taylor reacted to michaeldpotter in Pulseway 8.7.3 Bitdefender In-product trial and Remote Control for macOS performance enhancements   
    So glad the Remote Control for macOS update is here. I may finally be able to ditch using my Windows VM to run Remote Control. :-)
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    Jamie Taylor reacted to Robert Stan in Windows Update problems - Feature Update   
    Hi @Kyle and @AC_Martin_J
    Please check the below information and if you have any questions, send an email to support@pulseway.com 
    The Windows feature update will work normally just like the other Windows updates. 

    At first, the Windows 10 system you are using should have "Feature update to Windows 10-version 20h2 or 21h1" (or any other build), available under the Windows update section on the local system.

    So, only once this is available, you will be able to manage the feature update via Pulseway Patch policy.

    For Patch policy configuration, go to Pulseway Webapp -> Patch management -> Policies -> Edit the particular policy the systems are in -> go to O.S rules tab --> Add a rule just like the below and Save the policy.

    Once the policy is run on the system which has the feature update available on the local system, it will start to prepare the installation and install the Feature update. 

    You can check the history under Patch Management -> History -> Select the log of a particular system based on the time the policy has run whether the update has been successful or not.
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    Jamie Taylor reacted to Robert Stan in Quickboooks Updates   
    Hi @omega1,
    For now in Pulseway, to get the application update notifications for Quickbooks is not available right now.
    In this case, you can submit this as a feature request in this link https://pulseway.featureupvote.com/, therefore our developers will consider the possibility to introduce this option into the future release.

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    Jamie Taylor reacted to eDecisions in Make batch file run in foreground   
    Did this a long time ago... This one maps a drive letter to the server for the logged in user, you can work backwards to do anything, basically you have to create a task to make it happen that runs once on demand as the local user:
    $Taskname = "netuse"
    $lastlogon = (New-Object -ComObject WScript.Shell).RegRead("HKLM\SOFTWARE\Microsoft\Windows\CurrentVersion\Authentication\LogonUI\LastLoggedOnUser")
    SCHTASKS /CREATE /sc ONCE /st 00:00 /TN $Taskname /RU $lastlogon /TR "c:\maplist.bat"
    start-sleep -s 1
    New-Item c:\maplist.bat -ItemType "file"
    Set-Content c:\maplist.bat 'net use t: "\\twdserver\Shared\SERVER - Documents" /persistent:yes'
    schtasks /Run /TN $Taskname
    start-sleep -s 1
    schtasks /delete /tn $Taskname /f
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    Jamie Taylor reacted to xndrxw in Multiple Accounts - Home and Enterprise   
    Just set it up on my phone. Works perfectly for me.
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    Jamie Taylor reacted to Tara Bennet in Hardware Assets & Software Assets Entries   
    We have automatic Asset Synchronization (along with Account Synchronization and Remote Control from PSA ticket) scheduled to be released later this month.
    These features are part of a release exclusively meant to render the RMM-PSA integration more effective.
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    Jamie Taylor reacted to WYE in Ccleaner   
    I suspect this is to do with Pulseway Agent running as "SYSTEM" \ Session 0.  
    You will either need to do Powershell Impersonation within the agent, or use PSEXEC. 
    This posts may help you:
    launch EXE files with pulseway - Requests - Pulseway
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    Jamie Taylor reacted to Aaron Mallard in SNMP ESXI hardware health   
    Hi Curtsen, 
    You would have to create variable for every devices, if you want to monitor specific drives of a server you have to register the drive as a variable, but however you can also monitor the Volumes by monitoring the RAID.
    Please refer to this article on how to configure RAID monitoring through SNMP.
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