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  1. Hi Folks, Been noticing this on a test machine for the last few days and just had a client email about it. When starting Firefox v94.0.1, you get a popup notification saying to Upgrade or Dismiss. Checking the Mozilla releases there is a new minor release, V94.0.2. Not a major update for sure but I don't like the idea of Clients receiving Update notifications and having to make decisions on what to do, that's my job. Is there a way to turn off update notifications for 3rd Party Patching? Thanks, Craig
  2. Thanks Mark, This client does not want me rebooting the computers to apply updates because it might disrupt the Users. My idea was to use the System Up Time as a quick visual gauge, are users getting & applying updates on a regular basis by the uptime being under 3 days. I realize that the quick visual gauge was no guarantee of no patching errors, but good to know that users are rebooting / shutting down their computers every few days. Looks like that is not going to work so It's either: Patch Management - History OR Reporting - Templates - Patching - Sample: Patching for All Systems Thanks Jamie and Mark, appreciate the effort. Craig
  3. Hi Folks, My first post, please be gentle. When I look at the Systems, on my mobile app or via the web interface, you get something like this, if the machine is online: Craig - HP Windows 10 Pro(21H2) 5 days, 0 hours, 44 minutes I am interpreting this to mean the length of the time the system has been turned on. I had users who has 30-60-100 as their days number. I sent an email to all users, please reboot your computer every day or two, this will make sure the software updates are done in a timely manner. Two users responded, they turn their computer off every night, but their "days" numbers are showing 12 and 17. I checked the manual and it did not say what the Days, Hours and Minute numbers represent. Please enlighten me? Thanks, Craig
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