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'This device is pending approval' but nowhere to be found to be approved.

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Hi there,

This usually happens when you delete a device while the app is still open. Try to close the app (force close if you must) and then open it again or sign out of the app and sign-in again so it re-registers.


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I have tried so far closing the app, signing in and out, restarting the phone and  reinstalling the app. None of it worked.

If I delete an webapp instance and login again from that location it immediately shows up again, so it has something to do with the windows phone app.

Thanks for the help.



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Try uninstalling the Windows Phone app and installing it again, it should ask you for credentials and re-register.


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It should be 4.7.5(Build C55D). Cause it's the last update for WP and I have the same model as him and it happened to me last night.

I beg you, I beg you plz fix this case, as it was the worst thing happened to me during all these 15 years of being IT user.

Even Microsoft didn't put the phone out of support. The phone will be unsupported at the end of December, so why pulseway did it sooner?


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2 hours ago, Paul said:

Hey @amirreza99,

You only need to login to the WebApp and approve the device registration. Let me know how that goes.


Ofcourse I tried that, but there is no approval request in Devices tab to accept. The app allowed me login just past week, without any problem and without requiring anything.

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