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  1. Hey Mark, The update will be available for everyone within next 7 days.
  2. Continuing our commitment to providing a secure environment, accounts with access to critical areas such as editing scripts and distributing custom titles, are now required to enable two factor authentication.
  3. Further protect your instance by restricting access to the Web Application and Rest API to specific IP addresses. Teams and users with dynamic IPs can be configured to bypass IP restrictions if they have two factor authentication enabled.
  4. Hey Dimitri, Pulseway agent isn't compatible with ChromeOS/Chromebook. It is compatible with Windows, macOS and Linux distros only.
  5. Hey Michael, this will be a feature request, so please submit the same in our featureupvote page.
  6. The latest version of the remote control app, no longer requires elevation when it's launched in a directory where the local user has full access to. New installations will also be placed in the Application Data folder by default for the current user, eliminating the need of elevation.
  7. We've greatly reduced the amount of time required to start remote control sessions from the WebApp allowing you to get to the endpoints without delay.
  8. Deploy BitDefender antivirus to your endpoints with just the level of protection you need, all with one click. Additional In app support for Bitdefender Endpoint Detection and Full Disk Encryption further strengthens your security.
  9. Hello @Mark G38, I just DM'd you. Please take a look.
  10. I understand your concern, will forward your request with our team.
  11. Thanks for your contribution Mark, have you mentioned this request in our feature roadmap?
  12. Hey @WYE, you can check the release details here along with the history. I will pass your feedback with our team, appreciate sharing it here.
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