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  1. Protect your workstations and servers from cyber threats with Webroot's machine learning technology. All centrally managed and deployed from the Pulseway platform.
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    @ComputerConsulting we will be looking to launch a referral platform sometime this year, where you'll be reward for each referral that signs up to Pulseway. Will keep you posted on this.
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  4. Slack Integration: We are excited to announce that the Slack integration is now available for all Pulseway customers. The integration brings Pulseway notifications to the Slack channels, giving you and your team a unified notification platform. Learn how to setup and get going with the Slack integration here. WebApp Updates: Active Directory server module features support for resetting user password, changing user group membership and allowing dial-in keeps system administrators on the loop. Hyper-V server module features VM status monitoring and replication management.
  5. Mac Agent Update Version 4.8.4 - El Capitan support. - Support for AutoUpdate (your mac agent will now AutoUpdate). - Added Bluetooth HID (keyboard, mouse, track pad) battery level monitor. - UI improvements. - Bug fixes. Pulseway Remote Desktop Update - Addition of pop-up Session List (Bar), that displays on your screen when a user is connected to your machine, giving you the ability to disconnect the session. - Support for high DPI screens, which enables the display to produce crisper text and graphics. Pulseway Enterprise Web App Update - Account-management integration into the Web App. Directly manage your entire account, enable two-step authentication, change passwords, remove monitored systems and mobile devices, and set device access policies.