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  1. Edd

    Kaspersky AV / GDPR

    Kaspersky’s security software is trusted by millions of users globally, including Fortune 100 enterprises. Gartner, one of the most respected enterprise IT analyst firms, has ranked Kaspersky as a leader in the Endpoint Protection Magic Quadrant for the last six years and the National Institute of Standards & Technology (NIST) has evaluated and certified Kaspersky’s products to FIPS140-2. While there has been no specific release of any evidence of wrongdoing, such news can be concerning for customers. We support Kaspersky’s plans to set up a specialist data center in Switzerland in or
  2. Edd

    Spread the word

    @ComputerConsulting we will be looking to launch a referral platform sometime this year, where you'll be reward for each referral that signs up to Pulseway. Will keep you posted on this.
  3. Edd

    Need instance id

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