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  1. Webroot Help Please .....

    Are there any limitations on the Webroot trial? I'm testing the white-listing / black-listing feature and it seems to fail at the end-point... Regards. Ignore above request.... just realised Webroot offers File Whitelisting / Blacklisting, not Application Whitelisting / Blacklisting.
  2. Kaspersky License

    Thanks, Paul. I was able to activate the additional features. Are there any plans to integrate these additional features with the Web-App? This would be a great way for Pulseway to offer Patch-Management and White-listing features... So whilst these features are available on the Pulseway endpoint protection agents, I have no real RMM ability with them. I've looked at the Kaspersky Security Centre (KSC10) admin server product, which is a powerful product, but is only licensed for use with "KES for business" endpoint product line with 10+ licenses. ie. not compatible with the Pulseway license scheme. Regards,
  3. Kaspersky License

    Hi guys, I just noticed that the version of Kaspersky Endpoint Security deployed by Pulseway contains a license that covers additional components, i.e. Firewall, Vulnerability Monitor, BadUSB Attack Prevention, Web Control, Device Control, Application Startup Control and Application Privilege Control. Upon attempting to enable these components, the installer asks for Kaspersky account details, which I assume are handled automatically by Pulseway? Are these features actually available under the Pulseway license? Thanks,
  4. I'm a little confused as to the difference between the Events tab and the History tab within the Antivirus section?
  5. Kaspersky AV / GDPR

    You're not seriously going to take professional advice from a government organisation? I have seen absolutely zero evidence that Kaspersky Labs software has been the cause of a data breach... What I have seen is evidence that some NSA employees chose to develop cyber-weapons on their home computer, whilst running the Kaspersky Labs product... Of course, if your clients are putting pressure on you to change vendors, I can understand the dilemma.
  6. Roadmap post is gone?

    Are the patch management and backup management features still part of the roadmap? I'd like to be in a position to offer these service early 2018. I'd much rather stick with Pulseway but if you don't think that's feasible, I'll need to start looking at other options. Thanks,
  7. IT Glue Integration?

    IT Glue sounds great but it's not within reach of a Sole Trader. Do you plan to offer any other "Secure Documentation" integation options?
  8. Executive Summary Report fails

    Scheduled task failed on me again today... although it seems to work fine when I manually run the report.
  9. Kaspersky Anti-Virus exclusions

    In the Web-App, can I use wild-card characters to create a trusted application or do I have to specify the full path for each binary? Not being lazy, it's just that the client uses accounting software (MYOB) that installs binaries all over the place and I want to be sure I'm excluding the whole application. Regards,
  10. Executive Summary Report fails

    Hi Calin, it seems to be working today. I'll let you know if it fails on Monday (scheduled). Thanks,
  11. Executive Summary Report fails

    There are no Linux or Mac systems in this scope. Will this report fail if some machines are offline?
  12. Executive Summary Report fails

    I have the default Pulseway Executive Summary scheduled to run on a weekly basis but it appears to be failing... Can I get some more feedback as to why? Thanks,
  13. New Windows CLI session

    Thanks Chris - I just realised that the Win10 app has the "Close Session" button upon right-click. Regards,
  14. New Windows CLI session

    Hi Pulseway members, After deploying the Chocolatey Package manager on an endpoint via the CLI, a new shell session is required in order to actually run chocolately commands... How can I ask the Pulseway agent to connect to a new CLI session? Thanks,
  15. Xero Intergration

    Xero integration would help me out a lot, too. Currently I have a recurring monthly invoice set up for each RMM client in Xero, which I then need to manually edit each time I carry out work for that client and then reset the invoice each month. Would reduce my workload heaps if Pulseway added lines to the invoice for every resolved service ticket. Cheers,