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  1. David

    Edit button appears broken

    Fixed! Thanks, team.
  2. David

    Windows Terminal output

    Hi, The output for command prompt seems to be missing some newlines characters... Regards,
  3. David

    Edit button appears broken

    Hi, Policies --> Policy Editor --> Notifications --> Event Log To then edit a specific filter, the button does nothing at all... Regards,
  4. David

    De-activate user account

    Hi, after de-activating the user account for a temporary contract technician, he was still receiving notifications on his iPhone. It was only after disabling PUSH notifications for his account, that they stopped... I assume all notifications should stop once a user account is de-activated? Regards,
  5. David

    Pulseway Dashboards - HTML5

    Nice work on this feature, guys! Makes life easier :-)
  6. David

    Send Files via Email

    Hi, I keep getting errors when attempting to setup the "email files" feature... See attached. Thanks, Selection_010.pdf
  7. I think it's $1 USD / endpoint / month... Very easy to justify, given the security implications of not having patch-management in place. Agent management via the web-app couldn't be any simpler. The RMM tools that already provide patch-management are not cheap either.
  8. Ninite Pro handles all of this, at a low cost
  9. David

    Change System Group Script

    Excellent, thanks Quenten.
  10. David

    IT Documentation

    I've just started using SI Portal. It's a bit clunky and the Android app is not great but it's cost effective for a sole-trader and it works.
  11. Does anyone have approximate figures on the WebRoot end-user training program? And can anyone give user feedback on the effectiveness program? I'd like to look at offering it with a new SLA but need to know that it's going to be affordable to the end user before spending too much time on it. Cheers,
  12. David

    Webroot Help Please .....

    Excellent, thanks Paul.
  13. David

    Webroot Help Please .....

    I've purchased a couple of WebRoot licenses but my trial period has expired - will the WebRoot anywhere portal auto-renew the license?
  14. David

    Set maintenance mode from PSA

    I'd like to temporarily disable notifications for any account that is 30 days overdue. By switching on Maintenance Mode, does this stop support requests via the taskbar icon? Does the PSA have the ability to automatically trigger Maintenance Mode? Thanks,
  15. David

    Linux Mint 18.3 agent deployment

    Now running OK on Mint 18.3...... however, looking at the syslog: Apr 28 12:57:35 agile-VirtualBox pulseway: Starting Pulseway Daemon version 5.4 (2018021301) Apr 28 12:57:35 agile-VirtualBox systemd[1]: Started LSB: Monitor and Control Everything IT from Any Smartphone or Tablet. Apr 28 12:57:35 agile-VirtualBox pulseway: Configuration read successfully! Apr 28 12:57:49 agile-VirtualBox pulseway: Error while registering online:SOAP 1.1 fault SOAP-ENV:Server[no subcode]#012"SSL_ERROR_SSL#012error:1409442E:SSL routines:ssl3_read_bytes:tlsv1 alert protocol version#012"#012Detail: SSL_connect error in tcp_connect() Apr 28 12:58:28 agile-VirtualBox pulseway: Error while registering online:Error -1 fault in message exchange[no subcode]#012"End of file or no input: message transfer interrupted or timed out (30 sec max recv delay) (15 sec max send delay)"#012Detail: [no detail]vid -David