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  1. Are you every going to introduce run scripts as current logged in user ?
  2. It would be good if we can rename a device from iOS app or from the web control panel
  3. Have a notification appear when they have responded to chat saves having to stay on the device or wait in the chat window
  4. It would be good to have a option to reboot an endpoint in safe mode with Pulseway running helps with fixing issues etc
  5. Trigger would be great to have any update when this will be released ?
  6. Can you add a feature to be able to delete printer and also change which is default ?
  7. In the mobile phone app could you add auto responses to the chat section when we are chatting we can send predefined responses that we have setup etc thanks phil
  8. In the mobile phone app you can go to device and then run a script could you add scripts to group tasks from the mobile app? when on the road it would be good to run a script on all devices in a group. otherwise we have to go into each device to run the script thanks phil
  9. spicysupport


    Is there a way to setup a trigger so if a device hard drive gets down to less that 1% free space it will run a script I.e cleanup up script
  10. Can anyone work out a way to download the latest version of tronscript and the run it? would be great to do a one click run from a mobile phone etc
  11. I see you can go into a device and remove a application installed is there any way to do this globally on all devices / group?
  12. Omg, we use crashplan at the moment but would love Pulseway to release something similar which is low cost and we can manage from mobiles!! Restoring files for our customers from my mobile phone
  13. spicysupport


    Is there a way to run a couple of scripts on a device at once? i know you can create a task but didn’t know if there was a easier way to do it from the mobile app if we had not created the task
  14. I see you can right mouse click on the try icon and submit support is there any way to create a desktop item which will does the same thing ?
  15. What things do people monitor for via event viewer logs?
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