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  1. It would be great if we could assign a GP to ALL desktops or ALL servers on our webapp. This would allow us to configure one baseline GP then alter it on a per-client basis. It seems like it would require another (higher) level on the Server Admin-->Configuration page. Just a thought.
  2. This pertains to the PSA.. I know this is a SMALL thing, but it would be great if the phone number and email address default when inputting contacts could be customizable, or default to WORK. I imagine most of the MSPs that use Pulseway service businesses, and it would save a click or two when inputting a new contact.
  3. Hello, Is there a way to MANUALLY open a ticket from within the RMM? Since Pulseway doesn't offer "round trip ticketing" where a ticket can be automatically opened and closed by the RMM (if a ticket is opened automatically, then resolved from within the RMM the ticket is automatically closed) we are trying to reduce the "signal to noise ratio" by only having critical issues automatically open tickets in the PSA. However, since we do our billing from the PSA, I would like to have our techs be able to open a ticket by clicking a button on a device or alert in the RMM so a ticket is opened in the PSA with the pertinent information auto-filled and a timer started. Thank you, dp
  4. One of US will be forwarding the emails to Pulseway. After years of working with clients, frequently they email our technicians directly. With our previous RMM, we were able to forward THOSE emails to the system and it would be able to distinguish between the email originator and our team member that actually sent the email.
  5. It seems that Pulseway has made a philosophical decision that doesnt quite make sense for MSPs. I cannot find a way to select a group of computers on which to perform an action. Specifically, I would like to add Tags to machines across clients, install Webroot on groups of machines, or activate the new 3rd Party Patch Management. In each case, I would have to click into each machine or click the agent then add a Tag, or click install on each agent. If I wanted to install the Patch Management on 100 Machines it would require at least 300 clicks AFTER we identified which machines we wanted to include in the new policy. I know Pulseway is mobile forward, but there is nothing wrong with a checkbox here or there. It would be great to be able to identify a subset of machines and select them with a checkbox and then install, tag, or manually run a script on all those machine regardless of their client affiliation, location, or type of machine. Thank you, dp
  6. Hello and thank you in advance. Is there a way to have the default selection on noted be set to "Internal" I would rather have a technician accidentally hit send on a note that is set to Internal than one that SHOULD be internal and have it accidentally sent to the client. Thank you, dp
  7. It would be great id we would select multiple tickets in order to change their status. This would be particularly helpful with tickets that are generated automatically by the RMM based on an alert that's initial status has cleared.
  8. Here are two feature requests: 1. The ability to Clone Tasks 2. The ability to move Scripts from one folder to another Thank you!
  9. Hello, When we create a note from the webapp, we have a business process that notifies the client that a note has been added to a ticket, however, when we create a note from an email, it gets added to the ticket, but a notification doesnt go out. How can we configure a business process that emails a client a notification that a note has been added to the ticket (by email)? Thank you, dp
  10. Thank you!!! This is the perfect solution.
  11. I agree with the basic premise of your answer, but simply because a notification is deleted and a ticket is closed, doesn't mean the data would necessarily go away. Good reports can give the same information, without the "clutter" of notifiactions
  12. It would be great if there were a column for Update Date so we could sort tickets by most/least recent update.
  13. This would be very helpful for us as well....
  14. Hello, I was speaking with another RMM/PSA vendor today and their product offers what they call "Round-Trip" Ticketing. If, for example, an alert is generated because memory is running low on a machine and then the memory clears, the ticket is then closed on the PSA. This would be a great feature for Pulseway. It would also save us a ton of time searching for ephemeral issues. Thank you, dp
  15. I would then have to run a report for each label/tag. I am envisioning one report that breaks out the computers by client (group).
  16. Is it possible to run a simple inventory report. I'd like a report that shows endpoints for each client with some basic data like the Assets Overview Report or the Executive Summary Report, but broken down by client. These reports work great if you run one for each client, but if WE want a summary of ALL the systems we manage they get jumbled bu issue, or sorted by username. Edited: I we want to bill a client based on the number of machines, how can we pull that information easily, without going into EVERY client and counting. Thank you, dp
  17. dpbklyn

    Exclude Disk

    Thank you for the reply. Under the Group Policy, there is a check box with "Disable Locally Configured Storage Configurations", What does this mean?
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