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  1. When I go to the dispatch calendar, its showing completed tickets. How do I change this? Why would I dispatch someone for a completed ticket? lol Thanks for any help, Steve
  2. Spoke too soon. I have cleared every single field in conditions/updates/notifications and then deactivated the rule and tried to delete. Same problem on some workflow rules, others I can delete. May be related to original problem of some rules not being followed.
  3. Hmmm...I seem to now be able to delete the suspected workflow rule?? I had removed everything in it before...but maybe the system hadn't caught up or something? Thanks, -Steve
  4. I am trying to delete a workflow but get this error. Others I seem able to remove. I have also tried disabling it THEN deleting, same error. I am having some of my workflow rules not work and I am trying to track it down. Thanks for any help. -Steve
  5. Thanks so much. That was it.
  6. Hi guys/gals, I have a client that in the past i made a user account for so he can use the windows app store Pulseway to keep an eye on his systems and it worked great. I gave him access to his group only. However, he brought me a new system that I added the agent to but this system does not display in his app. (It does in my systems fine, but I am an admin and he is a user) Where do I go to set what systems he has access to view? I have picked through all the settings and just can't find it again like I did initially several months ago. I just figured that since he should have read access to his group...and this new system is IN his group, it would appear. It does not. Thanks for any advise, Steve
  7. Can this be added in the future? This will be a pain to input new customers into Quickbooks, then after everyone go in and have the tool pull them from Quickbooks. I could understand if I had millions of users, but I only have about 400. Why can't this be automatic? Invoices are but my customers I make invoices *for* are not?
  8. Is there any way to automate on a schedule the importing of customers from Quickbooks to the PSA? I know invoices are automatic, why not customers? Thanks, Steve
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