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  1. I'm loving the ShadowProtect integration, but I was wondering if it would be possible to the same sort of integration for ImageManager (also made by StorageCraft, the developers of ShadowProtect)? It's great that I get notifications if ShadowProtect backups fail, but I'd love Pulseway to be able to monitor my ImageManager replications as well.
  2. Is there a graceful method that Pulseway has to deploy plugins to endpoints? There are a couple of plugins I would like to use for all of our monitored Windows machines, but manually downloading the plugin, installing it, and configuring it on each individual machine won't be worth the time. We have a Pulseway Enterprise Server; is there a way we can load the plugins into that, so we can deploy them to monitored endpoints?
  3. Nevermind, found this forum topic that covers the same question:
  4. I was just wondering, is there a way to create Notifications Templates? For example, we intend on using Pulseway to monitor workstations as well as servers. I'm quite happy to configure notifications for each server, but having to configure notifications for each individual workstation for all our clients is going to be a nightmare!
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