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  1. May be late to the party, but we use a site token variable where we can set the required token per customer. We then host the 32bit and 64bit installers on our website (as you can't seem to download them straight from SentintelOne's site it seems). You can then use powershell to download the installer and run it: Invoke-WebRequest -Uri $URL -OutFile $Installer -ErrorAction Stop Start-Process $Installer -ArgumentList "/t $Token","/q" -Wait -ErrorAction Stop $URL is the download link to the installer file Works like a charm
  2. Sorry for brining up an old topic, but is there any progress on monitoring ARM virtual machines?
  3. The Pulseway app is available to install on M1 Macs, but the application seems to be running in iPhone mode, and not iPad. I am not sure what code change needs to be done, but would be nice to be able to run the iPad version or Pulseway on Mac.
  4. Bumping this ticket. I can't believe that's not an option yet. Still looking to see the currently active user in the dashboard to track down devices.
  5. Hello Just wanted to bump this again. Are there any plans to add more actions to the Exchange module?
  6. While 8.4 does offer some automation, it's really not a good way to schedule scripts (unless I am missing something) I am looking for a way to schedule a script at a later time. For example, if I wanted to reboot a server at 2am. Or I want to run a disk check, but not during work hours, so I schedule it for 4am. All that's needed is to add a scheduler instead of just a "run now" option. I hope this is still something that is considered.
  7. Hello Currently only 2 options are All Tickets and My Tickets. Could you add a "Open Tickets" view? Ideally, we could create our own filters, but currently tickets are not sorted by date, so I can have a dozen closed tickets, before coming across 1 open one.
  8. Are you planning on adding mouse support for the new iOS cursor support inside a remote control session? Would be nice to have support of the cursor rather than having to drag the windows cursor around?
  9. I like this idea too. Especially remote control with one click would be great.
  10. I often have to enable and disable mailbox forwarding for users in Exchange. Right now the only way to do this is via Exchange itself. I'd love to see this functionality added to the Pulseway client so I can go this on the go.
  11. It would be good to be able to set a schedule when executing a script from a device. For example, if I wanted to schedule a script to run at night. This script would be scheduled on a per device basis. An example would be scheduling a reboot script for a server in the middle of the night. I don't want to have to create tasks to run these. Instead, I would go to the device to run a script the same way I would run a script now, but with an option to schedule this script for a later time and date.
  12. We should be able to set a default patch policy for all new systems rather than "no policy" to ensure systems will start getting patched when added to Pulseway.
  13. I'd like to be able to create tasks that will execute when a new system is first seen. These tasks will only need to run once, but should trigger when a system is added to Pulseway. For example, we have some security settings that we are deploying and right now we have to manually execute these tasks on new systems (and try to remember). There should be an option to "Run once" when scheduling tasks.
  14. Often times when client calls in they don't know their computer name. We would like to see the currently logged in user right in the dashboard to identify the correct computer.
  15. Thanks Calin, but it doesn’t quite cover my concerns. The notification is for critical and important, but maybe I am overlooking something. However this won’t help the fact that windows defender updates will continue to bring down my patch score. ill give hiding the update a try. Thanks for the tip.
  16. Hi Richard I am not sure if you had head from Pulseway already. I believe one of the issues with scripting in Pulseway is that results for each device cannot be combined into one single report. I could be wrong, but right now the way I do scripting is by exiting my scripts with an error code whenever something is "found". For example, if I am looking for a certain piece of software, then I will exit my script with "Exit 1", which will then trigger a notification. But this is far from consolidating all results in to a single report. I think in that respect Labtech was fantastic. It had a built in search tool where you could create queries and execute them against any devices in one single view. It would be great for Pulseway to create something similar to it. Andy
  17. Thank you Martin for this. I had a few devices that were always failing to install Webroot and it wasn't made clear before that you could manually install them as you described. I just installed the Webroot agent, then issued the Install command from Pulseway and all is well. To be honest, I wish there was a little bit more information why an install failed in the first place, as I had no issues at all installing it manually.
  18. Hi all I'd love to see a way to exclude certain patches from alerts and reports. More specifically Windows Defender and Windows Malicious Software removal. Since we use Webroot, Defender is not needed, yet every single day all my systems are showing at least 1 missing Important update (Defender). It is therefore virtually impossible to create a report with a good overall score. It also creates too many notifications. It would be great to have some sort of override options to be able to exclude certain patches.Or maybe we can separate critical and important alerts in notification, as right now they are treated the same. Another example, we have a production 2008 server that HAS to stay on IE 10. We actually implemented a block to prevent IE 11. So while technically missing an important update, it's by choice and we should be able to somehow tell Pulseway to exclude this patch from alerting and reporting Andy
  19. I have set up a workflow rule to send me an email whenever a new RMM ticket is created. The problem is that it only works half the time. Other times no emails are arriving in my inbox. I can check the Audit log and it does indeed trigger the workflow rule, I am just not getting the emails. I've checked my junk mail and quarantine, but there is nothing there. Also when doing a message trace I am not seeing them. I've already tested changing the outgoing email server in Settings to use smtp.office365.com, but that doesn't seem to be making a difference. Has anybody else seen this?
  20. As a MSP, we often have to track down a device based on the user's name. It would be great if there was an option to always show the currently logged in user in the dashboard or at least add it into the search.
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