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  1. I am using Office 365 for outgoing emails right now. My email address for this help@ourdomain.com. We send our invoices directly from Pulseway also as they're quite nice looking now, better than Quickbooks! However, any replies made to those email come straight back to to our Ticket Queue. I would like replies to the invoice emails to go to accounts@ourdomain.com. Can anyone suggest a way to get this working? TIA Colm
  2. I know this is late but you'd need to post this in RMM not PSA.
  3. Currently, if a Quotation is accepted I can create a Project, a Sales Order and something else that I can't remember. Most of the time, I just want to create a ticket with the quoted items added as Charges on the ticket.
  4. From the 1st of August Microsoft will require 2FA to be active on all Office 365 CSP partners accounts. How will this affect the email parser? How will this affect email sending?
  5. Well, they're improvements in my estimation! Changes to some default settings Set a default invoice template so that I don't have to choose it every time Set Ticket Notes to "Internal" by default or at least make it an available choice Set "Work Email" and "Office Phone" as defaults on Contacts Set a default "Ticket Type" for new Tickets Set a default Queue for tickets Zapier Integration - I'd really like to integrate the PSA with https://www.quotientapp.com/ as the in built quoting is pretty terrible. It clunky and ugly and not likely to improve one's chances of getting a purchase order. Please add the ability to create a ticket directly from an opportunity\quote with any associated charges added to the ticket Mailchimp Integration for contacts (see Zapier either) would be nice There's more while I'll add here as I notice them.
  6. I'd be very grateful if the team could schedule downtime and inform users in advance. I just came into work to start on a backlog and PSA is down. No notification of any kind. Disappointing. I've given up my Sunday and now I can't work.
  7. I've done this already Chris but apparently won't be getting it until the next release? Is there any way to shorten that timeline?
  8. Gary, How we got around this was by creating "Miscellaneous Hardware" "Miscellaneous Software" and "Miscellaneous Service" items and changing the Description to suit as we quote and invoice. Because our income accounts are split in this manner this allow us to quote or invoice for anything by using these items.
  9. I don't know this for sure but I suspect that you'd have to disable POC for everyone on that site AND leave the ticket contact blank. Then again that's probably a good idea as it will make sure that no-one gets email unless its intentional.
  10. Thanks, this helped me get it working
  11. Hi @Chris Thanks for the reply. I have figured out setting up the contracts and recurring services part quite easily. Here's the problem If I set the billing period to monthly then it always bills on the 1st of the month (or even worse on the 1st of the year!) If I set the billing period to Contract Length then I have to manually clone every contract every time it expires and I currently have a lot of monthly contracts!! Have I correctly stated the problem? If so, is there currently a way around this?
  12. @Chris Can you explain this please? I know about views now so hiding the deactivated contracts is not an issue but is there any way to have contracts auto-renew monthly or yearly. Ideally I would AVOID pro-rata billing. Especially on the annual contracts.
  13. @Chris Could you just verify that I'm correct about this, please? Assuming that I am, can you shed any light on the best way to handle getting quote items onto a ticket at the moment?
  14. You can scratch this now. I've managed to get around the issue.
  15. Thanks for this Martin, I must be going blind. My mam did warn me though......
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