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  1. DinamicIT

    Client Approval Workflow for Tickets

    That's what i'm about to try, and according to Support the reply will only modify the status to "approved" of the ticket in question (not every ticket the client has which made me worry).. i will give it a try and probably post a "tutorial" if this works cause i believe will be helpful to us all Thank you Martin!
  2. DinamicIT

    Client Approval Workflow for Tickets

    Hi, does anyone managed to create a Workflow for "Point of Contacts" to approve ticket requests? Got a customer asking to approve tickets before they are worked on, so i need to be able to automate the process. To be more clear: i need to send a request of approval by sending the POC an email when a ticket is created - change the status to "pending approval" and await for a reply, once the reply is made by the approver (stating in the subject that is %approved% in the subject for example) - change the status of the ticket to "approved" and notify the assigned resource.. I managed to get to the send an email and request for approval part using a workflow, but can't seem to figure out how to handle the reply.. Thanks!
  3. DinamicIT

    File Transfer

    Hi guys, Great product so far, i imagine we are in an early version of the new RD, but would definitely appreciate an ETA for the final version. Thanks and keep up the good work!