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  1. Has anyone successfully made RESt calls using powershell Invoke-RestMethod or Invoke-WebRequest? Can't see, to get the header syntax Have tried $header = @{Authorization = 'Basic ' + [Convert]::ToBase64String([Text.Encoding]::ASCII.GetBytes("$($username):$($password)"))} Invoke-RestMethod -uri https://api.pulseway.com/v2/systems -Method POST -Header $header -ContentType "application/json" but keep getting '400 Bad request' any pointers?
  2. I don't see any of this. bear in mind I'm using the free personal edition.
  3. so let's say I want to group all my Web servers into one group and management servers in another, then that would be 2 separate 'Organisations'? Is it an Enterprise feature?
  4. oops couldn't see the wood for the trees, need to enable 'Ask on start' as well ..all sorted now
  5. Can't see any ability to create a new 'Group' via the WebApp ...am I missing something?
  6. As the title says, any plans to integrate the Dashboard product into the WebApp? Makes sense, one less install and a central point for reporting and config.
  7. App Version: 5.4.3 (Build 80328) - Google Pixle 2 phone (Android 9) 1st time user and really like the product, however, I noticed that the 2FA options in the Android app don't appear to be working. If I set 'Use Pin' it will ask me to choose a PIN but never asks for the PIN when I start the app up. Same with 'Use fingerprint' ...except never asks me to verify my fingerprint. Is this a known issue?
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