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  1. Hi, It will be useful to get the logs after the agent stops responding. As well as a spindumps for Pulseway processes. I can see from your logs that you have issues with other apps as well. When this started? Have you recently update the OS? (supplemental update) If you put the machine on sleep what happen with the agent after wakeup? Is still working? Mark
  2. Hi, Can you give more details about Ubuntu version? How did you run the Pulseway registration ? (are you using custom server) What step from the registration is throwing the error? Mark
  3. Thank you for the report! I've raise an internal bug report and the development team will do further investigation. Mark
  4. Hi, We‘re investigating this issue. Mark
  5. Can you please either remove from the policy JRE8 (for the moment) or untick the "Reboot the machine if required" option. Let me know if that fix the issues. Thanks! Mark
  6. Hi, You don't need to fill the config.xml with username/password. As is specified at the end of the installation, in order to register the agent please run the: pulseway-registration as root. This will register the agent and update the config.xml file for you. Mark
  7. Hi Louwrens, Thanks for your suggestions! I sent the list to the development team. LibreOffice is already supported (Gimp, Dropbox, OpenVPN and Amazon Corretto are coming soon). Mark
  8. For Pro/Free accounts are not getting the update yet. We're doing a staging release so probably you'll get the update over the next few days. Manually installing the KES from AV folder will not work. Mark
  9. Can you please be sure that the Windows have the latest updates installed? Run the windows updates on the machine (and reboot it if require) then try to install KES again. If still not working please send an email to support@pulseway.com and we can arrange a Teamviewer session to investigate the issue. Mark
  10. Link is opening fine here. Can you please try the direct link: http://media.kaspersky.com/utilities/ConsumerUtilities/kavremvr.exe?_ga=2.222421016.260377756.1563354201-1504209911.1557329313 As well before installing KES be sure that the Windows have the latest updates installed. Thanks!
  11. Can you please try to use the kavremover tool (https://support.kaspersky.com/common/uninstall/1464) to detect/remove any previous installation. It's possible that the Windows upgrade didn't clean the registry during the KES uninstall process. As well before installing KES be sure that the Windows have the latest updates installed. Mark
  12. Hi Zach, Please send an email with the config.xml file and the logs to support@pulseway.com. We'll get in touch with you. Best regards, Mark
  13. Hi, Can you please end an email to support@pulseway.com and include the config.xml file as well? Thanks!
  14. Hi, Unfortunately you can't monitor this service. There is no status (as in service status) reported when you check the service status. It will only list the rules in all chains. Mark
  15. Hi Martin, The report scope in on the top right under the 'Task Execution Output'. The Task scope is display under the Task description: In your case the Task scope is 'All Systems' (was executed on all systems) and you create the report for a particular scope. This mean the report will get the Task executions for the systems that will match the report scope.
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