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  1. Thank you, we've replied, please check your email.
  2. Please email support and we will help you investigate the issue. There was no maintenance going on at our end.
  3. This is still the case - you will still be able to remotely control any server, nothing will change there.
  4. We are also adding the ability to set the session as view only in the next update so mouse and keyboard inputs are disabled.
  5. The user who shares the screen should ALWAYS be in control of the session. We've already implemented the ability to allow or disallow a remote connection request, the ability to view who is connected and disconnect the session is coming up next.
  6. Unfortunately, there will be no way to remove it, that bar will be used for session control and we'll then add chat, send files and other options there. Initially, disconnect will be the only option available.
  7. We're adding the "Observe only" mode in the next release. Also, we will be adding a bar at the top with the info regarding the current connection and the ability to disconnect.
  8. You can use the PagerDuty integration for achieving this at the moment.
  9. We hope to be able to include it soon, ETA 1-3 months.
  10. Thank you for the update and for your support on this, glad it is working well.
  11. Where are you checking if the Remote Desktop option has become available?
  12. Hello and welcome to the Pulseway community! Pulseway sends the notification straight away, however the push notification delivery is dependent on provider and network. Regards, Marius
  13. If you have recently updated your Pulseway iOS app to the 4.8 and get the "Unknown connection error" message when opening the app you will need to update your server SSL certificate to SHA-2. Please refer to this post for instructions:
  14. If you are using an SHA-1 certificate for your Enterprise server, you will need to update it to SHA-2. You can use https://shaaaaaaaaaaaaa.com to check if your server is still using SHA-1 and for instructions on how to update to SHA-2. If you have any questions please email support at pulseway.com and we'll be glad to help.
  15. Hi Dave, Please email our support, we will assist you with the installation.
  16. We have received the email and managed to reproduce the issue. A fix will be included in the next release. Thank you for your help! Marius
  17. Could you please email our support with the real hostnames so we can try to reproduce? Thank you. Thank you Jakob, we have added this issue to be fixed for the next agent release.
  18. This feature is already implemented and the next release is scheduled for distribution once it passes QA. Could be in 2-3 weeks as we're adding other features to this RD module update.
  19. Thank you for the suggestions, very useful! We will surely consider these suggestions for a SCCM server module. Thanks again. Marius
  20. Hi Geoff, I think you have a group policy setting that fires a notification for non system drives if free space is below 25%. Best, Marius
  21. We're still trying to reproduce this. Is the problem happening on the Windows, Linux or Mac agent?
  22. Try running these commands as administrator: net stop "PC Monitor" sc delete "PC Monitor"
  23. This is not a bug. Something prevents your agent from connecting to our servers. It could be an antivirus, firewall or proxy. Enable the diagnostic logging in Pulseway Manager, restart the Pulseway service, wait about a minute then send the trace.log file from the Pulseway installation folder to support at pulseway dot com. Thanks. Marius
  24. Thank you, we will need to investigate this further. We have sent you an email on how to get more details about this issue.
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