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  1. This is starting to piss me off now/ Error: The Underlying connection was closed; A connection that was expected to be kept alive was closed by the server.
  2. I'm have been getting a lot of delays between the computers/server I connect. Display ends with a 45 mins lag. Any maintenance going on?
  3. That's correct, but I thought the point of (pulseway)remote control is to remote control the server. I'm have a feeling that this might turn up like teamviewer.
  4. Hmm, It's starting to look like teamviewer. For my work I can't have the user even having the ability to disconnect. I'm not very happy with that to be honest.
  5. Oh no.. is there a way to remove it?
  6. Hi Chris, Thanks alot for the support. Really customer-friendly
  7. Chris, Now I can connect to all my clients without any problem. Like I said asked to one of the Pulseway Team, what changes were those?
  8. Check if your router support dyndns.
  9. Chris, I just tried that but with no luck. It just wierd that it happens now with all the pc's. I will send a contact support when I get home. @affer, Nice topic hijacking ;-)
  10. Hello Chris, This time I'm getting a different error; I tried restarting the service and booting the pc, but no luck. This happens to the others non Windows 8.1 pc's too.
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