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  1. I upgraded most of the computers in my office to windows 10 however the service doesn't want to start after a reboot. I can't say that its every pc that was upgraded but its only happened to pc's that were upgraded. Thanks.
  2. Hi Any updates if this will be implemented and if so a rough ETA? Thanks
  3. Will the screens feature also show both monitors once the feature is rolled out? Thanks
  4. Just how i can see the installed applications on a monitored computer, i would like to be able to see all the hardware... HDD, NIC, Keyboard, etc... Here is a screenshot from GFI Management which is what im trying to get away from. Thanks
  5. I see the remote desktop option is now a "release candidate" but still no multiple screens Any additional info regarding the timeframe will be appreciated. Thank you
  6. Wondering the same thing.... I understand you can delete the alert but just wondering if the alert can be logged (which would happen via email) & then cleared if the service is back up. Thanks
  7. Great! Any idea what the time frame on this would be? Thanks.
  8. First off compliments for such a great product that i'll be using for a long time. I understand the remote desktop is in beta however i have not seen any doucmentation on whether multiple screens will be supported. This will pretty much be my deciding factor whether i can go without getting teamviewer... everyone at my company has at least two screens so this makes the feature unusable if i cant see multiple screens. Thanks.
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