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  1. dareit

    Deploy Agent

    We are using an own pulseway enterprise system. 1st: I want to Deploy Agents on Multiple Windows systems, but when i follow the instructions in de topic of MSI with /qn config=UNC Then the configutration is not loading in de agent and i'm not getting any error. 2nd: When i put the configration file manually in the agent then the Enable Remote Desktop button isn't turned on anymore. So i need to install that manually. While in de configrution file it say <RemoteDesktop>true</RemoteDesktop>
  2. Hello Pulseway, I'm getting this error message on my pulseway enterprise server. If followed the instructions from the PDF for HTML5. There was no endpoint listening at https://......./WebApp.svc that could accept the message. This is often caused by an incorrect address or SOAP action. See InnerException, if present, for more details. Please help. Kind regards, Dave Ruiters
  3. And maybe deploy an agent on the found devices if there in the same domain? if possible :-)
  4. dareit


    An idea, i have a lot of clients that also gives mobile phone to there employees. Maybe posibile to also make an IOS and Andriod Agent, so we can manage the phone's so they don't download app's they there not allowed to. And also to delete all data of the phone when somebody lost theres. Maybe install app's remotely that are allowed bij management.
  5. We do IT for multiple company. (Managed Services) Maybe a idea to scan all devices in the network and do a audit of the found devices? And then make a rapport out of the outcome? So we can present it to the company and show them what they got of hardware and software.
  6. Is it posible to make: scheduled patch update for a specific group and also make a notification for that to the computers in the group so the users do not turn off the computers and after the update an automatic shutdown of the computers. Or is this something that is posible when scripting is enabled in pulseway? Regards, Dave (The Netherlands)
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