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All Systems page feature upgrades

Jamie Taylor

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The latest update for the All Systems page is packed with new features focused on productivity and user experience.
Multi-tab support for Systems
With the new support for tabs you can easily switch back and forth different views and effortlessly multitask between systems.
Create shortcuts for your Favorite actions
You can now pin your most used modules and create shortcuts to further enhance your productivity.
Updated Search Experience & General User Interface
Continuing our efforts to deliver a simple and intuitive user interface, we have redesigned our search experience and modernized the overall look and feel of the All Systems page.
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Hey Jamie,

I'm a bit confused here.  The new tabs thing and favorites thing is cool.  But I swear, for a long time now, at least a year, there has always been Account Overview as well as Patch Management Policy and AV Policy pages.  So not really sure if I'm crazy or what is so new about these pages.

Can I ask, what is the status on a lot of the feature requests that have been marked In Development for at least 4+ months. 



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Yes there were separate pages for the topic you mentioned but the advantage of tabs is that you can quickly tab between the sections without repeatedly going in and out of each section and losing your place each time.  

As for the under development items you had mentioned. The date the suggestion was logged does not actually reflect the date development started. However,  the items listed as "under development" are part of current active development cycles and will be implemented in the coming months.  Hope that clarifies it for you @Mark G38.

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Hi Jamie, I've seen this post for 2 weeks but everytime I log into the Pulseway WebApp to see if those changes are active, it shows the interface without the changes that you mentioned above. Was wondering if the changes were being pushed out slowly to all accounts or if my account somehow isn't included within that update?

More than happy to show screenshots of what I am seeing (wth my server info blacked out for security reasons), but just curious as to what the release schedule is for accounts as it seams that 2 weeks later, my account hasn't had those changes applied to it yet.

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