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Client Portal Conversations, Run Assigned Policy, and Remote Desktop Improvements

Jamie Taylor

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Pulseway Client Portal now includes a built-in chat function that allows the end user to communicate directly with a technician. This can be started automatically as a step in a troubleshooter, or you can give users the option to start it directly themselves.
A summary of the chat is recorded and can be sent to the technician.

Automation Workflows: Run assigned patch policy

Start patching systems as they get added to Pulseway using the new Run Assigned Patch Policy action, now available for the System Registered workflow trigger.

Remote Desktop Improvements

Introducing Adaptive FPS to deliver the optimum resolution for the current network connection, resulting in an enhanced user experience.

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  • Jamie Taylor changed the title to Client Portal Conversations, Run Assigned Policy, and Remote Desktop Improvements
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The client portal module or module conversations are not yet available in the Pulseway mobile app. For now, this is only available on the Pulseway Webapp on a browser. The client portal conversations are different than the Remote control Chat sessions.

In this case, you can submit this as a feature request in this link https://pulseway.featureupvote.com/, therefore our developers will consider the possibility to introduce this option into the future release.

Also on another note, in the Pulseway mobile app and the Pulseway Webapp, you can still use the Chat feature to interact with the users who are logged in on the remote system. This can be done on going to Systems -> Systems -> Select the required system -> In the right pane -> Chat.

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