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Run Task From Notification (alert)


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Is there a way to kick off an automated task based on a notification or alert.  For Example, if we get a notification of a disk getting full, I would want the automation to run: 

<Open a ticket>--> <add predetermined note>--> <add 15 minutes>--><run task to clean drive>--><send notification that task has completed>--><close ticket>

Is this possible now, or should this be a feature request?

Thank you,


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I see that this is part of the agent as "Rules".  To me, this seems like something that should be separated from the agent and live along-side the other automatons.


Whoops, it looks like "Actions" has been deprecated.  Is there a new way to do this?

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On 11/26/2018 at 3:52 PM, Paul said:

Hi there,

Not yet but we're planning on supporting alert triggers for automation tasks which will work pretty much like the task scheduler works on a windows machine. It's going to be awesome.


Hi Paul,

Any news on this one?
And by the way why an automated task doesn't start a ticket if fails with elevated priority?


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