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  1. Hi there, This is usability issue that leaves Pulseway's surveillance under high suspicion. We work exclusively in Windows servers. My colleague has installed last week a new Pulseway Agent over a server of a new client and he forgot to report this so that I could increase the number of licences resulting that since last week a Pulseway agent from another client's backup server stopped communicating and so we where not aware that backup needed troubleshooting. In fact the server disappeared from our servers As I understood the new Pulseway agent kicked out a random Agent already under surveillance and that means that a server that we had total confidence to be monitored was not. I'm new in the company and this software and when I've discussed this with my colleagues they've reported to be a known issue and that sometimes the Pulseway agent that stopped being monitored would varied meaning that one server randomly would stop being monitored and then the behaviour would jump to another agent. In the Billing/Overview section of your page it always had 72/72 and so no report of "overbooking". For this server's agent to show again in the panel I had to re-register it. IMO the new ones should stay offline and if this behaviour cannot be controlled, then the moment a client doesn't have licenses the agent shouldn't be able to register. We need to be sure that we can rely on the servers where Pulseway agent is installed and configured or we cannot trust the system altogether. Thank you for your attention.
  2. Hi Paul, Any news on this one? And by the way why an automated task doesn't start a ticket if fails with elevated priority?
  3. I've misunderstood : Thanks again for the quick help!
  4. You were completely right, it was version 1.2 (I've mixed them as the old one is still available and it was the 1st one I downloaded). I've stoped the service, I've replaced and restarted but now its completely empty for sessions and opened files and I have a word working there...
  5. Hi Paul, Thank you for your fast reply! I can confirm you that's an issue with all 2016 Here you are: PS >(gwmi -query 'SELECT ProductType FROM Win32_OperatingSystem').ProductType 3 PS > [environment]::OSVersion.Version.Major 10
  6. Hi Paul, Great work with this plugin but it isn't working with 2016: Is there any possibility to update it, please?
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