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  1. Tyson

    SNMP Server Module

    +1 for Linux SNMP. There's a ton of small shops running Pi's to do basic tasks and monitoring. Plus these are used pretty heavily for Ubiquiti device management (a monitoring policy to add sensors for all of their products would be awesome and I'm sure attract some new customers).
  2. Just an FYI - their API docs are linked below. They just did a major overhaul or the web interface and agent. https://apidocs.symantec.com/home/SEPC Thanks!
  3. Setup a workflow like the attached images, then respond to a ticket with [#CLOSED] and the PSA will change the ticket to completed for you. Yes, use the brackets and everything in your reply. Change the workflow and hashtag to do what you want, I may add one for escalation next.
  4. @Philip Landreth Would you mind posting the script you're using for this? Thanks!
  5. It sounds like the current Pulseway notifications are ephemeral, meaning they only exist until they are cleared and there is no history of them. I think we'd first need an option to keep notifications (open/close) for X amount of days, weeks, months, years so there is a history; this would be good for trending problems too! This way, the system can self-heal/close them, which it should in turn clear the notification as well as close the ticket in the PSA.
  6. Considering this tool is targeted to Managed Services Providers, I would think regardless of per user or per device pricing that you would be able to track profitability of the services offered to clients. Let's say this was an all you can eat contract. At some point if you're spending too much time billing hours against the contract, you'll want to know when the customer is not profitable and take some kind of action. If it's a Karl Palachuk offering, we'll have: RMM costs, AV costs, O365 licensing, etc. that will need to be tracked. Somewhere in the back-end we need to track these against our per user/device licensing. Otherwise we're busting this out in Excel which I do, but that's the job of a PSA.
  7. What is the best way to enter a per device or per user recurring services contract? Let's say I have a business with eight users @ $60.00 per user. I have this "Managed Services" plan entered as service at a cost of $40.00 and the price to the customer at $60.00. In that $40.00 is the cost of my PSA, RMM, AV, etc. plus 4 hours of remote support time each month (for the client as a whole, not per user!). If I go over the four hours of support, I want to get an alert and be able to see the profitability of the client for that month go down if I have to work additional hours under that contract. At the same time, I don't want to break this out on an invoice. It seems like it would be a combination of recurring services with a retainer by hours. I'm thinking about creating two contracts: one for recurring services and one for retainer by hours with $0.00 charge for the hours but it's going to be problematic for billing/invoicing.
  8. Good Morning! Are the most recent scripts and plugins stored somewhere in a central location? It would be nice, otherwise I just happen to come across these when searching. If not, this is a suggestion of feature request. Thanks!!!
  9. Thanks for being persistent! I'll look into it.
  10. Right, additional cost and another agent to deploy and manage. Not so easy to justify when so many tools already provide this.
  11. Are there any updates on this? My clients biggest complaints around notifications on user desktops are Java, Adobe, and CCleaner. Thanks! This one is important as I'm looking for a third-party tool now, and that's no fun.
  12. I just came across these videos from another post, FYI. They're generic and more informative than a how-to guide or best practices guide as you suggested. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=kxdQnNImTLI&list=PLORZC083Jij3l5g7dHKWwGBGV1AOylqZc&index=1 Thanks, Tyson IT Protectorate
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