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    PSA Wishlist

    This is an ever evolving list of issues or improvements I'd like to share with Pulseway. QBO Sync: Needs to be automated and 2 Way Invoices sent to QBO are missing e-mail field, CC/ Banke payment checks Ability PSA to send client invoice e-mails via QBO so I don't have to do it manually. Taking payments through QBO Merchant. FIX BUG: Items sync - Categories should be ignored, should not be able to import something that is unusable into the PSA in the first place UX: Session: Timeout is way to short. Seems the default is set for using this on-site at a c
  2. I see that clears things up. It's a bit different when you come from QB and your roles and work types are just your service items.
  3. +1, Was wondering about this and why there is no association between Organizations in the RMM and clients in the PSA
  4. Is there a reason there is no sync or way to associate RMM Organizations with clients in the PSA? I'd half expect to at least be able to import clients from the PSA into the RMM. Searching the forums there are one or two mentions around this, but surprised there isn't more documentation on this. I even read that systems don't sync into the PSA until they raise a ticket and when they do you have to manually assign them to the correct client. Am I missing something?
  5. Thanks Gary! Super helpful. I'm having a hard time wrapping my head around Roles & Work Types. Work types are obviously tied to service items in QuickBooks. It makes sense that I can choose that in a Ticket or Project for accounting reasons. It makes sense that I can override Work Types amounts in contracts. But then what's the point of Roles?
  6. I'm sitting here importing items from Quickbooks and I'm painstakingly clicking and setting each item that I want because the PSA is including categories as something that can be imported. IDK why they can't be used. It's also guessing at which QB services are Work Items and Services and is just backward at its guesses. Some frustrations with this process and the way its setup. I started and then realized I should show more and when I did everything I clicked or set was lost so I had to start over again 20 minutes later and I accidentally click something and deselected all the check
  7. I'm still using a trial and very new to this system, so its possible some in the community can give me a workaround or advise on how to achieve what I'm doing. There seem to be some features missing and limitations to contracts. 1. No way to auto-renew a contract after the end date. 2. Forced to have an end date, no ability to have an unending contract 3. Time&Material Lacks the same Billing cycle options as retainer contracts 4. No Bi-Weekly billing cycle option Here is my use case. The retainers are the closest contract type that will fill the need I'm loo
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