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  1. Hi All, New to the software and love its ease of use. I am looking for an update from the roadmap on when the custom reporting may be available? Things like asset reporting on all PCs with x of software (Eg. office 2010) or License numbers of x software.Have a microsoft audit for example and need to gather all the FPP license numbers! All the information you appear to have already from the summary and detail asset reports its just the selection of those items into one report. or if any one knows a script that performs that task?
  2. HI, Am upgrading from Pro version to team and am following the instructions provided however I started to install the new agent on a system i didnt check had had the old agent removed first and it error on the install and now i can;t uninstall the old version or install the new one. I get the "feature you are trying to use is on a Network resource that is unavailable" error and find the source and click ok. It always errors. When i try to uninstall via control panel i end up with the same issue saying it cannot find the source. Then an error saying"the older version of Pulseway cannot be uninstalled) Any ideas how to force remove the app? Not sure how else to get the file installed if it see the older version installed. PB