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  1. I am curious to know what you normally do to onboard a client i.e. 1. Install Pulseway on the computer 2. Create local admin account on computer 3. Push AV on computer 4. Run hardware/software inventory 5. Install specific applications 6. etc...
  2. This would be amazing!! I would like to also +1 that feature
  3. Is there any video training for the PSA module? it has tons of features and I see scattered videos of some modules and general talk about it, but I want videos that provide good training and makes me want to say I am a Guru at PSA
  4. andy0609

    Script Help

    I know this topic is old but where you able to figure it out?
  5. andy0609

    Script Ideas

    Can you please create a script to uninstall the agents? I would like to have it for when I am offboarding a user/company
  6. I use this when I am onboarding a new client. Computers have been there and most people don't know/have their own admin password
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