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  1. It would be really nice to get an alert when the windows DHCP scope is almost full.
  2. Ignore memory spikes

    1+ for this
  3. FEATURE REQUEST : Next to % also add MB/GB etc..

    Nevermind.. you can set GB.. :-) Request remains still for memory though... that's only in %...
  4. It would be nice to be able to specify GB or MB when monitoring for free diskspace or free memory. Because now.. for example.. when i have a system with 16GB of memory and use the 10% setting i would get an alert when there is still 1600MB of free space.. which is more then enough. Same for Harddisks.. a 500GB harddisk would still have 50GB free with 10% and 25GB free with 5% I would just like to set a treshold on 2GB freespace.. for all systems.. for example..
  5. FEATURE REQUEST : Archive Notifications

    aaah ok. How long is the retention?
  6. Next to Goto System, I would like to see Goto Services which takes you straight to the services of the system.
  7. FEATURE REQUEST : Archive Notifications

    how can i do this in the mobile app then? I am on Enterprise and only have the Delete/Email and goto System option in the app.
  8. FEATURE REQUEST : Support ESX Alarms..

    Yes... but ESX had alarms of itself... so if you cannot monitor the ESX alarms.. then we cannot monitor the ESX hardware without vCenter.. because vCenter had alarms for Host hardware Monitoring.. ESX itself also.. but if you cannot Monitor ESX Alarms.. I was hoping this was a typo.. ad with the EXchange 2016 support.
  9. FEATURE REQUEST : Policy to collect historical Data

    And then also add it to the Policy...?!?
  10. It would be nice to instead of only delete a notification also be able to archive a notification for later analases.. or comparison to notifications that come on other times..
  11. Now we get notification of everything. Our users want to be able to select (for example) just the critical and elevated notifications on the mobile app and windows 10 app. Should not be that hard to code..