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  1. After working with support we found out what the issue was! The "Delete Notification" required waiting on the web app to run that, and the workflow got out of step and failed. Fixed this by moving "Delete Notification" to the end of the workflow. Multiple scripts run with Custom fields and variables no problem!
  2. Im not sure that is possible currently with workflows. Ive setup patch polices applied to Sites, Orgs, or agent groups via "Server Admin" and "Configuration" These also inherit from top down. Based on what agent installer file we give it will send the machine to the right group, Then the patch policy is applied. Once thats complete, You should be able to setup the workflow to "Run assigned patch Policy". Hope that helps!
  3. Hey @RandyChuck, Based on the way Pulseway behaves with Triggers, I assume it would be hard to implement multiple "System Registered" active workflows due to multiple things being fired off the same trigger. End result is that it would have to run through all the condition statements of all the "active" system registered workflows and basically behaving the same as a long decision tree. TLDR: I end up using the long conditional tree for on boarding based on Group/Location that the machine was joined to based on the agent install file used. It can be convoluted and complicated, however "Workflow History" is a great troubleshooting tool, as you can see the decision path that the workflow has made. Only problem I have run into with this method is when a workflow calls a power shell script. It seems the workflows have trouble realizing when the power shell script has completed. I have posted about this issue if it ends up coming up for you. Still working with Pulseway Support for a solution.
  4. A couple things. Are you seeing the workflow execute in "Workflow History"? I believe in my testing this trigger is a "Full Logon" not logging back into an already open session, so it will only trigger after the user fully logs off or restarts and logs back in. Do you use "Custom Fields" in your script? Thanks, Hayley
  5. Ive had issues with using custom field and workflows, im not sure the script itself fails unless there is code after the "Custom Field" Code. I have a ticket in as well as this forum post. As for the code itself, here is the the code we used for finding 20 day uptime. Fits it in a one liner at least. Ours works a bit differently, but will notify user and restart if over 20 days. I simplified code for the forum. if((Get-CimInstance Win32_OperatingSystem | Select-Object LastBootUpTime).LastBootUpTime.AddDays(20) -lt (Get-Date)) { shutdown -r -t 5400 -f }
  6. So, I have been using the workflow automation to much sucess. I have one activating script upon logon. It used to work wonderfully even though every time it ran it reported "Failed" in workflow status. It seems that my PowerShell scripts hang up the workflow. These two scripts write back to custom variables on each machine when they run. I just tested and it does not seem to matter whether the custom variable code snippet is in the script or not. It is not possible to successfully run a workflow with any steps after a PowerShell script currently. Does anyone have any way to fix this, I tried adding "exit" at the end and that didn't help. I'm also going to contact support and see what they say. -Hayley
  7. Ok thanks for the confirmation Mark! Agreed!
  8. I would make sure that all agents and pulseway remote control is fully updated, and try to find a common thread between them. Are these on a specific network, machines fully up to date with windows updates, etc? If it was all having issues, I would think its a configuration or Pulseway error, but since only some are acting up it seems to be either something with those endpoints or with the network they are using. Following thread so let me know any further info, maybe i can help.
  9. Woo hoo! Thanks yall for continually adding and growing featuress!!!
  10. Hey all, Is there a way to allow a user to move devices between groups without giving them full administrator? The way we have been moving machines is by going to the server admin tab and moving through there. Im trying to more granularly manage permissions within our org for the helpdesk. Thank you in advance!
  11. Not sure if you found an answer to this yet, however the Dashboard feature will show system statuses when widgets are configured and scoped. Also there is the ability to create a public link to this dashboard accessible from Web without a login. I’ve got this running on a raspberry pi to have a status board up.
  12. Ive been using workflows to emulate the automation flows I was used to in other RMMs. The first attached photo will trigger off an event Notification from our policy setting event filter, (all our managed systems have OEM licenses), Verify its the right event, via ID, or Name, or contents. and run a powershell script I have to pull the OEM key from the system and apply it. and the second gets triggered on high CPU notifications, adds 1 to a System custom field via a PS script and if it is over a value of 3 will email a ticket to our helpdesk. Hope this helps spur some ideas!
  13. @Josh-405, If you are still looking for where the values of the fields are. For System Variables, the value is under each system. But only shows up when the agent is online, as I believe it and most other machine info/processing is done on the client side. I've also been messing around with them, found that i can make a PS script to increment a counter stored in a System custom field, for remembering the amount of High CPU usage alerts on a machine. I call it with a workflow when the alert comes through, and then check the Custom field value after if over 3 it will send a ticket to our helpdesk. IDK if it works yet as I just put it together this morning, but the logic seems right. To get around the problem of running a script with input, I've been using a Global Custom Field that my script calls and editing that value manually before running the script. Works well for quarterly wifi password rolls, not so much for per machine configs.
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