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  1. Get rid of your script. Just patch the Host and set the VMs to shutdown instead of saved state - if no patches are applied the the VMs won't be shut down. If you leave the VMs in saved state they can in rare circumstances get corrupt vmrs files and Hyper V will be broken, it's an easy fix by replacing the vrms files with new ones, its a rare occurrence though
  2. Thanks for the info, but I would assume that this is industry standard and that Kaseya used a similar procedure, so in the current situation this is not the relief we are watintg for
  3. In regard to this article: https://www.bloomberg.com/news/articles/2021-07-03/number-of-victims-continues-to-grow-in-massive-ransomware-attack?srnd=premium-europe What is the status of Pulseway software supply chain? - Twitter is silent, I don't see any blog entry in that topic Any info is really appreciated. For safety I did remove Pulseway from my servers, just in case...
  4. Hi This morning all of my servers went through patching critical updates - the policy says install critical updates and reboot if necessary. When I checked the policy listed "updates marked important, no updates installed" but the machines all rebooted? - That seems weird to me as I would not expect and also do not want a reboot if no updates are installed. Is that a normal behavior?
  5. Hi Removing Java JRE 8 solved the issue. I have tested it on most machines now. Thx
  6. Hi I do not understand why the patch management is responsible as the next execution execution is Monday morning at 4am and the last execution was successfull 7 days earlier.
  7. Hi, just did that on 1 server. It rebooted twice. How can I help you to get the tracelog?
  8. Hi This morning one of our servers was rebooting ever 5 or 6 minutes and since I could not find a cause I removed the PW manager and the Problem was solved. Reinstalled it and problem was there again and so I removed it again and we'll called it a day for now. But like 6hrs later my phone was going completely nuts with one warning after another and almost all server were in the same bootloop, restart and after 5 minutes the next reboot So I checked the workstations and yes same issue here, I just don't have warnings for them. So removing PW from 30 clients on a Sunday wasn't an option so I figured I start with disabling patch management - after I removed the patch management from all devices I had no mre restarts. Is there a simple explanation for that? My policies were in place for weeks without issues, server updates every Monday and workstation every 2nd day Thx
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