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  1. I did as you suggested and I get the statement that pcmonitor restarted and OK on the right, but when I look on the mobile app, I still only see my desktop & not this laptop. Are there any other items I need to alter in the config?
  2. I am running Ubuntu 12.04.4 on an older Compaq nc6000 laptop. I got the .deb file downloaded and I ran the install as directed, receiving this... ****************************************************************** *** Beware, you must create the configuration file for PCMonitor! *** We provide an example of complete configuration in *** /etc/pcmonitor directory (config.xml.sample). You can use it *** to create your own custom configuration and then *** start pcmonitor using command: /etc/init.d/pcmonitor start ***************************************************************** So I edited the config.xml.sample file, entering my username and password, then tried to start pcmonitor as directed in the last line... start pcmonitor using command: /etc/init.d/pcmonitor start However, nothing happens. I don't see any gui for pcmonitor, I checked the site and my iOS app and I don't see the machine. I'm very noobish for linux, so its very likely I am missing something. Please help.
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