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Group Policies updates

Jamie Taylor

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We have redesigned the Group Policies page to make it easier for you to exploit the full power of Pulseway policies. With a clean simplified navigation design and the addition of an integrated search functionality, you can find any group policy setting with just a few clicks.
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Hey Jamie, how do I get this update for my On-Prem pulseway? I have uninstalled and reinstalled the updater and monitored the log that is created after starting the service, according to the log my system is up to date, but I am not seeing this change. Included some info. Thanks!

Pulseway Manager Version: 8.8.1

Pulseway Admin Version: 8.4.0

Log after uninstall/reinstall, service start: 

9/7/2021, 09:41:49.241: Pulseway Enterprise Server Update ver. 4.7.5
9/7/2021, 09:41:49.241: Service started.
9/7/2021, 09:41:54.293: Reading database settings...
9/7/2021, 09:41:54.403: Reading database settings complete, current version found: 307
9/7/2021, 09:41:54.403: Checking for updates...
9/7/2021, 09:41:54.747: Server is up to date.

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4 hours ago, Jamie Taylor said:

It is already out and should be available for you Mark.

Fantastic. Interesting as I didn't see these when I posted as I specifically checked before asking.  Although, "What's New" section wasn't updated on my instance yet either at the time I posted, so perhaps I just somehow caught it before the update.  Either way, I see both, so thanks! 

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It would be lovely to see a little more transparency on what is delivered per release. As it stands, 8.8.3 only looks like it has 2x additional features (one is just layout UI), yet the featurevote "roadmap" has been building up momentum all year? Perhaps the featurevote "roadmap" could have some expected dates on there? 

In addition to the release, what defects have been resolved (no matter how small)?


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Good update, but again weak delivery. The Dashboard Policy and the Local Policy is confusing and not trustful. Why, because you can never tell which policy takes priority. For example, you can setup in the Dashboard Policy that hard drive will notify you if the spaces goes below 25%, but when you go to the EndPoint directly you don't see this applied you only see what you manually applied. So you don't know which policy the endpoint is following, the dashboard or the local policy.

Again I've been with Pulseway for years and I've been telling them about this. What is the purpose of creating a Template Policy to be manage on the Dashboard if you can still alter the same policy locally, and the only solution they could come up with was a 'check mark", "hyphen" and "empty box" that should tell you if is dashboard or local or disabled, very brilliant. But useless because right now I cleared the box for Ping Performance so it can clear on every server but when I go back to the Dashboard I see the hyphen, which means servers are overwriting dashboard.

Solution, make the Dashboard overwrite the local settings and on the endpoint made those sections grey out or maybe with a message "these settings are managed by the administrator" or something like that.

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