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Windows Update problems - Feature Update

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The windows update does not work with Windows feature updates.

I have my systems set to notify me when a windows update is available.  Normally whenever I see a notification I run the windows update through Pulseway and it works great.  Recently there has been a Windows feature update available and Pulseway cannot seem to install it.

I get the notification that an update is available, run the windows update through Pulseway and get confirmation that the command was sent.  About an hour later I get a notification again about the same update, it was not installed.

Installing the update from the system manually works fine.  This is happening on all my systems so it seams like Pulseway just struggles with this particular type of update.

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On 1/27/2020 at 3:50 PM, Chris said:

Hi @mtp611,

Pulseway currently can not install Windows feature updates because these updates require user approval. Our development team are still searching for the options how to bypass this.

Is there any update on this? this is becoming very important and for people with many endpoints it's a holdup from using the platform.  I have been using two products at the same time (other RMM name) is always a little bit of time behind but they do allow you to push feature updates after they write and test the install parameters.  Lastly is there any way or anything in the works to improve feedback on the status of patching?  there are no dashboards showing you anything on status of updates such as machines that are not compliant, at risk machines etc. These dashboards also normally have click to action to remedy at risk machines.

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Hello Josh,

I can confirm that this is in the works as we speak and we are making progress on this feature. We do have an executive summary report which shows if the systems are compliant or not (displays the number of available windows updates), have you tried it so far?

PS: I've had to remove the competitor's product name and link.


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Thank you for the reply - the executive summary report tho is a manually pulled report vs a working live dashboard with actionable data. Ideally this is a dashboard with not only information quickly accessible but also actionable. if a machine is out of data click it - it brings up an option to re push the updates etc.  

Currently when i try to push updated with pulseway the reporting is very weak at best on items that fail, updates that are available etc. Not bashing the product it does a ton of things better than others and i really love it. But i want to cut out all the other products i have to use next to it - and the update module as been one of those items.  Lastly if its helpful another feature that would make it easier to use - is being able to make devices tied to more than 1 policy. 

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I would like an update on this, every RMM has the ability to do this except Pulseway. There is no way to properly apply a feature release using Pulseway without doing it manually. How do we support mobile users that are working from home when a feature release reaches EOL? 

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