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  1. Now that Pulseway has the ability to roll out Win 10 Feature updates, how do you configure the rules to allow for it? I have attached my rule, I know it is wrong, how do I adjust it to allow my 1909 machines to update to 20H2? Any help would me much appreciated. Thx
  2. I am very happy that Pulseway finally released a way to deploy Feature Updates. That being said, we don't use WSUS any longer, we only rely on the ability of the Pulseway Agent to download and apply updates according to the rules we have setup. I am just curious if anyone using the Windows update GPO to control any of the Windows Update features on workstations that have Pulseway installed? I guess, is there any need for it and if so, what do you like to control? Do any of you disable Windows Updates entirely on your workstations and only rely on Pulseway to manage updates?
  3. I would like an update on this, every RMM has the ability to do this except Pulseway. There is no way to properly apply a feature release using Pulseway without doing it manually. How do we support mobile users that are working from home when a feature release reaches EOL?
  4. How about supporting WinSCP, Filezilla, Citrix Workspace/Receiver, iTunes, WebEX and GoTo Meeting?
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