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PowerOfTheShell Plugin 1.5


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Hi Community,

I just want to share that I am soon going to release my first plugin on Pulseway forum.

The plugin is all about PowerShell, that's why I have decided to call it "PowerOfTheShell"

This plugin is for all those of you that want to run PowerShell script while you are on the go and get the results immediately from with in Pulseway directly on your device.
I use Powershell and C# almost every day in my line of work, so it was just very clear to me that I just had to write a plugin, that I could use with this great software.

Main features are:

  • The menu of PowerOfTheShell including subpages with script commands is easy to configure through a simple layout found in a config XML file.
  • Run any PowerShell script version 1.1, 2.0, 3.0, 4.0¬†and have the result(s) shown in Pulseway.
  • Supports WINRM scripts, Execute remote commands on several machines/servers and have the results in one place.
  • Last retrieved results including date and time, is always available while¬†Pulseway is running.
  • Select max results to be shown. Good if your script returns a lot of results and you want to control the amount visible.
  • Information about script status Idle/running.
  • Configure plugin impersonation settings from within Pulseway Manager.
  • Support for Nested pages.
  • Support for¬†Pulseway API 3.0 Input Controls.
  • Support for "partial" input control ( run scripts with or without all input values assigned )
  • Support for setting the log level in the plug-in configuration form.

Hope this can be interesting to some. The possibilities is endless if you can script it ;)

Best Regards

*Update* 1.5 is out. (28-06-2015)
Download POTS
Please Try it out and let me know what you think :)

  • Upon request I have added support for parameters that have spaces in the input controls¬†e.g a string containing firstname and lastname are now seen as one parameter and not two. Making it possible to ask for more complex inputs
  • Build against System.Management.Automation 4.0
  • Code optimization and cleanup

Read the "read me first file" in the zip for more information.

*Script pack V1 is included in the zip.

http://pcm-plugins.blogspot.com/ View this blog I have been setting up for "how to".


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I love the idea, a bundled powershell script runner. Also it has xml configuration!

The folders (Pages) represent scripts that are loaded from xml or is it hardcoded?

Can't wait to test it out,

Thanks Johnni.

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Hi Paul,

Everything is loaded dynamically from the XML nothing is hardcoded.

you have a group, that can have multiple pages, subpages, subpages can have multiple commands(scripts).

Can't wait to share it with you all. :)

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Hi all,

Just a little update.

Like I have mentioned in the first post I am still planning to release this plugin as soon as the IPA update is available in the appstore(come on Apple) :)

This first release will work with all the scripts not requiring any impersonation from the "local service" this include a lot of basic scripts.

The ability to impersonate as a standard/admin user is possible in the next version 1.1 which will be available when the PC Monitor Agent 2.9.1 is released(Thanks Marius, for the support)

Configuration of the domain/user/password settings can be set when the plugin is running and will reload automatically if selected.

Looking forward to share a lot of script experience with you all.

Best Regards


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This is something I have been very interested in. Often I have wanted to be able to add new users without having to log into a server to do so.

Is the idea behind this to run scipts which are predesigned?

Is there also the possibility to be prompted for variables like First Name, Last Name, username..Password...etc to be able to generate accounts and mailboxes in windows?

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As Marius mentions this is not yet supported but you can make sure that I will try to implement this when the feature is there. :)

So yes the plugin is for predefined scripts at least for now. I designed the plugin towards users like operations as my self, beeing able to run their daily scripts from their devices. Or on duty staff collecting information from the platform without having to turn on their pc, when they are in a hurry and on the go.

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Hi There,

Not sure what you mean?

You can place the plugin where every you want and you can place your scripts the same. You just use the config.xml to configure your menu structure and the path for your scripts. There should not be a Scripts folder inside of PCMonitor unless you decide to.

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Hehe :) NP

There is no script example in the package. I have placed the example config.xml to get you started to see the structure and then you point it to your script(s). If you see it will point to my "johnni" desktop just as an example. But if you want the antivirus example please check the link below the download for the how to and go to the bottom of the page.

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Hi all,

Thanks again for all the kind words here.

I have just released version 1.1.

This version add the ability to impersonate as a user in the plugin, so you can now run scripts that requires a more elevated user.

I have used the new features of agent 2.9.1 which makes it possible to configure the plugin from within PC Monitor Manager it self.

I have attached a small PDF document on how to get started.

Last but now least, some new script examples to get you started. ;)

Hope you enjoy it and please let me know if I can be of any service.

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Hi all,

I have been so lucky that a user on the forum digbyp( Paul ) has tested the plugin a lot, and I have been in contact with him since I had a beta ready for the plugin.

So he has now a lot of scripts running in the plugin and he has been so kind and share some of the screen shoots with me and also the rest of the forum :)

here is the link http://workanywhere.dk/Download/ps1.pdf

Check it out.

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