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  1. Hi Tony, thanks for using ( trying ) the plugin. So I am assuming that you can run powershell scripts on your server / client without any issues just fails using POTS right ? And have you tried to have a look in the trace files with plugin diagnostics enabled in Pulseway manager. ( settings -> Diagnostics ) click the include Diagnostic logging for plugins. //Johnni
  2. Hi Alan, Thanks for using POTS. 1. If the script your running should check if the resource exists already, I am not sure why it should run twice through because of that in POTS. I would need to understand how the script looks to figure out why it would run twice. 2. I don't know if there could be a compability issue showing the commandInput button in the new Web version. Also havd you made sure that the browsers you use when running web have been aproved in the Pulsway manager to run commands on the mentioned server ? only relevandt if you have limited the access to only some devices. /Johnni
  3. Just thankful that I could help contribute to this cool community and best product out there Awesome works guys.. /Johnni
  4. Hi Paul, yeah I thought so making good stuff as usual. Making PowerOfTheShell obsolete with this native support for scripts and automation and more. I welcome it a lot, very nicely implemented and works great. Can't wait to play with it some more. Though I might still have some things I want to do to POTS just to make it a little better, I haven't abonded the idea completely. /Johnni
  5. Hi Pulseway, I am a huge fan of the new automation you have made, it works really good. Just wondering if you have considered adding a way to schedule automation tasks / scripts to be run on time, instead of on demand only. ? //Cptrico, Johnni
  6. Hi Mario, Thanks for using the plugin. The code is build to any CPU, which means it will work on 32 and 64 bit machines. I am running pulseway agent 4.7.6 and POTS 1.5 to test on my windows 8.1 laptop.. I ask through POTS if I am running 64 bit or not.. [Environment]::Is64BitProcess And I get true back.I don't have the exchange mgmt pack on my machine so I can test.. Take a look at the script pack, I know Paul (digby) have a lot of exchange examples to try, he uses WMI if I recall correctly..
  7. Dear all, I have updated the main page http://forum.pulseway.com/topic/274-poweroftheshell-plugin-14/?p=1117 Version 1.5 is out with minor changes. I am uploading the files in a second.
  8. Hi Jendrik, Thanks for trying the plugin, as Digbyp mentiones it dosn't require nor is it possible to specify which version to run with. By default it depends on which version of powershell you have version 2 is backwards compatible with 1 and version 3 is compatible with both 2 & 1. So as long as you have either version 2 or 3 it shoudln't be an issue. Cheers /cptrico
  9. Hi Again, that is actually not something I have come across before using this kind of user. I would just expect if the user were capable of executing the PowerShell script it would be fine to impersonate as this user in POTS. You could try just to test the script and create a local user, try it out first in PowerShell and then add it to POTS if it works after we know it is user related and there is a need for a workaround or requirement for a dedicated user for impersonation. Cheers /Cptrico
  10. Hi KreAch3R Glad you find the plugin useful. I am not familiar with 12 noon and the parameters but I will try it out for size and let you know my findings. One thing maybe. The script runs fine when you execute it from your own user in powershell right ? Have you looked if you have set the right impersonation settings in POTS maybe. /cptrico
  11. Hi BadCoder. I am glad that you find the plugin useful. A couple of things I think of. I guess you use the elevate setting and have your domain credentials in there? Or do you add username / password in the script it self ? Also does the script work as it is outside of PCM and POTS. /cptrico
  12. Great update. It now Works under 8.1 just perfectly, thanks.
  13. Hi Digby, The plugin looks cool and i'm eager to try it on for myself. But unfortunately I am not having much success with it. I have latest version of PC Monitor agent 4.1.2 running on my Windows 8.1 machine. I currently only have your plugin loaded to make sure nothing else is causing an issue but I get this error in the trace log, do you have an idea of what it could be ? 08-01-2014, 21:01:27.572: [Service] System.NullReferenceException: Object reference not set to an instance of an object. at PaulDigby.MobilePCMonitorConfigurator.MobilePCMonitorConfiguratorPlugin.GetPluginData(Boolean paged) at PaulDigby.MobilePCMonitorConfigurator.MobilePCMonitorConfiguratorPlugin.GetPageDetails(Int32 pageId) at .(Object )
  14. Until the new feature is here, have you thought about running the group commands using powershell and winRM against all servers at once.
  15. Hi, You could properly just Query the eventlog (security) to see which users have been on the system and maybe have the list with users and Count grouped by user. This can be archieved with PowerShell.
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