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  1. There is the ability to download or upload a file via ftp from terminal pc monitor?
  2. Também gostaria de ver isso adicionado ao sistema. Aqui no Brasil o uso da internet em horário de trabalho é muito grande. Já havia comentado com Marius mais não vi interesse nesse segmento.
  3. A um ano utilizo a versão Enterprise para controlar 119 maquinas ( 9 Servidores e 110 pcs ) distribuidas entre 8 empresas. Como não sei programar ( Powershell ou C# ) seria muito interessante essas implementações no sistema.
  4. Hi, worked on windows 2008 R2. Simply sensational. Thanks Paul.
  5. Hi Paul, I tried on windows 2008 and did not work. I'll try on another server, now one win in 2003 and another with win2008R2.
  6. Hi all, I just have to thank for the great help you gave me with these examples. Thanks, Johnni and digbyp. Best Regards Cesar Lacerda.
  7. very cool, I'll try to mount a summary (Inventory).
  8. Also congratulations to Marius for the great software!
  9. very good! Thank you! sensational without exaggeration! ;-)
  10. Ok, Thanks, I saw the example on the link.
  11. I'm sorry I'm using Google for translation! I am Brazilian and I have a good English;-) What I mean is that the example was missing the script to run.
  12. It was missing the Scripts folder inside the folder pcmonitor!
  13. Vou baixar agora... I'll download now...
  14. parabéns pela sua iniciativa, estou muito interessado em usar seu plugin ! Congratulations on your initiative, I am very interested in using your plugin! Cesar Lacerda
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