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  1. Does this help? https://ninite.com/help/features/silent.html
  2. Have you looked at Power of the Shell plugin on plugins page?
  3. I could be wrong, but I thought Paulcsiki shutdown plugin replaced shutdownscheduler as it stopped working?
  4. For me (Powershell 2 - yes I really must update!!!), this had an error. However, the below works (as a single line) $a=Get-Date; $web = New-Object Net.WebClient; $web.DownloadString("http://client.akamai.com/install/test-objects/10MB.bin") | out-null; $t = "$((10/((Get-Date)-$a).TotalSeconds)*8) Mbps"; $t
  5. Stuart, Are your plugins bespoke to your office environment? If not, care to share with the community? Paul
  6. You could monitor Event Log for event id 1020 and send notification
  7. I use the following code to determine if the snapin is loaded or not # Add Exchange 2010 commandlets (if not added) if(!(Get-PSSnapin | where-Object {$_.name -eq "Microsoft.Exchange.Management.PowerShell.E2010"})) { ADD-PSSnapin Microsoft.Exchange.Management.PowerShell.E2010 -ErrorAction SilentlyContinue }
  8. You can open Terminal and run the first two
  9. If you google Powershell RBL check, you will find a number of powershell scripts that will do a check and send an email of result.
  10. This may be of interest - a plugin to schedule re-start or shutdown http://forum.pulseway.com/topic/952-shutdown-or-restart-scheduler-v10/#entry5192
  11. As Chris says, you need to Install the appropriate Agent for your computers (http://www.pulseway.com/downloads). Once this is completed, select the Desktop Apps tab and install the Dashboard. From the Dashboard, you can connect to the Agents and Remote Control. Hope this helps Paul
  12. I have never specified anywhere, the version of Powershell that is being used. Your version 2 scripts should just work without the specification
  13. Found it - you are referring to the Dashboard and not the App
  14. I do not see this option! Not in Computer, Notifications, or Notifications?
  15. This indeed does update to a later file date. I notice it says file date 22/09/2014. Surprised it was not today's date? Also, how effectively roll-out to all clients without visiting each machine?
  16. If you are going to interface with printers - then you could add notification when toner / ink low, other messages etc. Probably not though, given the multitude of printers etc. Now theres a challenge!
  17. Is there a resolution yet, to it staying at State Disabled? Also, it seems 1 - When you set time, you have to go back in and Save a second time 2 - Enable schedule definitely not work on Windows 2008 R2 or Windows XP (does not change state to Enabled 3 - I presume once working one can revers and disable? 4 - Assuming perhaps a computer would shut down - just tested and did not This is a great plugin - any chance of fixing soon? thanks
  18. WOL related, but probably not fix the issue here - but this is what I had to do on a DEL Optiplex As well as enabling WOL in BIOS, Disable Sleep Mode
  19. Probably not the reason - but notifications do not work when computer is in maintenance mode
  20. digbyp

    HDD sleep issue

    One feature that would cause it if you you enable it, is disk space monitor. As this would cause PC Monitor to check the disk every so often, but not sure how often.
  21. A few modifications made - see first post for v1.1 Let me know if it now works under Windows v8.1
  22. On the iPhone, there are 4 options at bottom (Systems, Notifications, Reports, Settings). Tap Settings and within there you will find it.
  23. Hey Johni - good to see you back. How's your POTS plugin update coming along? I have no idea about the issue! I have just tested on my Windows 8 PC and works just fine. I adapted plugin from code that Paul Csiki provided and with his help (a lot), put the plugin together. Maybe specific to Windows v8.1. I shall ask Paul for his interpretation
  24. In settings, there is a 'Clear badges on exit' toggle. However, they will re-appear again if the issue is not resolved. Hope this makes sense
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