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Hardware Assets & Software Assets Entries

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Are all Hardware Assets & Software Assets must be filled in manually in the PSA?

For example, each workstation serial number, computer brand, last login, installed software and more.

Currently, it's all blank. This can be very time consuming entering all entries from the RMM asset info.

Screen Shot 2019-03-31 at 3.31.14 PM.png

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The only thing Pulseway pulls into the PSA for inventory is the name of the system, Physical Location Info (Pulseway grouping) and the OS which is called Manufacture in the PSA.

I agree this need a lot of work.  Pulseway has a lot of the info that can be pulled into the PSA, but it is not at this time.  I 'THINK' I have seen something in the Forums that it "may" be in the work.

The other issue I have with this is the "Account" info. Every time new hardware is pull/push into the PSA from Pulseway, it sets the Account to my company.  They need a way to have the account set correct,.

I hope this is added real soon.....

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Thank you for the info. 

Pulseway RMM can pull a simple Asset Info under the Reports. However, entering this in the PSA manually is a nightmare. There is no option to change the Brand name or Manufacturer.

I've tied the PSA with Warranty Master thinking this will work it made it worst.

I agree every time we onboard a new client or install a new agent it defaults to your our own company. I usually go into the Hardware Assets, click on Location then edit all Account each agent should be in. It's time-consuming.

I hope so too...


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PSA is an abandoned child from Pulseway. You don't know how many simple request I had made including this one and it just get into deaf ears, well not really, all I get is the same answer "we will add it into our suggestion list".

The only reason I am using PSA is for tickets and because is free but is missing so many simple functionalities that is not even funny how they advertise it on their site and the real functionality.

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On 4/24/2019 at 6:12 AM, Chris said:

Hi @ArrowNM,

We'd really appreciate your input on how we can improve those integrations. I'll make sure that the right people sees your feedback.


Please simply integrate the asset data collected by RMM so that it is transferred to PSA for ticketing and asset management. This would be a HUGE competitive advantage for Pulseway. My expectation upon choosing Pulseway was that this functionality was built in and I now find out otherwise. I do not understand why asset info is not available to PSA when it is already captured in RMM?

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I know this is reviving an old thread, but honestly I can't believe this has gone so many years without being addressed.  This should be a no-brainer functionality for any PSA/RMM combination.


We urgently need the functionality of pulling asset information from the RMM to the PSA.  All of it, so that we don't have to manually add the asset information.  It is difficult to comply with ISO 20000 or similar certifications if you have to do this manually.

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We have automatic Asset Synchronization (along with Account Synchronization and Remote Control from PSA ticket) scheduled to be released later this month.

These features are part of a release exclusively meant to render the RMM-PSA integration more effective.




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