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  1. would be nice to be able to import lists for all drop downs
  2. PSA is lacking a customer facing report / or i cannot find it in the reports . the attached is currently what we email out to clients on a schedule for basic ticket info and system status reports executive_summary_for_gca_of_southern_baptist_churches.pdf
  3. we are currently looking at migrating from Syncro to Pulseway PSA/RMM . but finding some features are missing 1. autogenerated asset tag# 2. print asset tag label function (may a form that we can manually build) from with in the PSA asset or the RMM 3. print asset ticket
  4. what about generating asset tags for devices
  5. looking for a way to autogenerate asset tags for all devices when they are onboarded
  6. remote desktop for linux/BSD has been on the radar since 2015 any update
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